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Warm Up For Work Vennsys Health & Safety Project Winter 2013 - 2014.

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1 Warm Up For Work Vennsys Health & Safety Project Winter 2013 - 2014

2 2 ‘Done my back in; don’t know how; it just ‘went’ In the UK, 54 million working days are lost each year because of pain, strain and injuries to the back. Back strains are a common injury too. These can be caused by using poor techniques to move materials such as twisting and turning while lifting, carrying or digging. It can be as a result of not warming up for work!

3 3 Why Warm Up For Work? How many times have you seen people warming up? Why are they doing it? You may have seen athletes, Dancers, People at your Gym, Firemen, joggers, people carrying out a full on warm up to just some simple stretching. They are doing it because they are smart!

4 4 Look funny to you? People who warm up are less likely to suffer from strains and pulled Muscles whilst carrying out their activity. They are more productive and deliver a higher level of performance. By warming the muscles you are making them flexible and allowing them to give you greater control in your movement, reducing the risk of injury.

5 5 Picture The Scene – Making The Call

6 6 The Exercises Active ROM side bending Stand with your arms across your chest or along the side of your thighs. Slowly bend sideways by sliding your hand down your thigh towards the floor. Slowly return to neutral position and repeat on the other side.

7 7 The Exercises Active ROM rotation Stand and cross your arms across chest or on hips. Slowly rotate to look behind without bending or arching the lower back. Slowly return to neutral position and repeat.

8 8 Continued Active ROM extension Stand with your chin tucked-in and place your hands on your buttocks. Bend your back backwards arching the lower back and keep your chin tucked-in (look forward). Return to starting position and repeat.

9 9 Active ROM Circumduction Continued Stand with your arms relaxed on each side of your body. Make backward circles with your shoulders. Relax and repeat

10 10 Arms circles Stand tall and rotate the arms backward then forward in a big circular motion. Do not move the head while doing the movement. Continued

11 11 Keep Going…..! Stretching - Deep squat Squat down keeping your heels in contact with the floor. Raise your arms up as high as you can. Return and repeat.

12 12 Nearly There…! Stabilization Lunge Stand with your feet apart (one forward, one backward). Lower your body by bending the knees to 90 degrees without touching the floor with you back knee. Return to initial position and repeat with your feet placed the opposite way. NOTE: Don't let your front knee move further forward than the toes of your front foot.

13 13 Rowing + ER Rotate your forearms to that they are in line with your trunk. Do the reverse motion all the way down and repeat. Do not round the lower or upper back. Bend over at the hips so the torso is between parallel and 45°. Keep the chest out and shoulder blades back as you let your arms hang. Keep your knees slightly bent. Pull the elbows up, keeping the forearm relaxed. Continued

14 14 Resisted rotation Stand or sit with good posture. Place your hand at the side of your head. Slightly nod your chin to neutral. Turn your head towards your hand, applying resistance so that you are using your neck muscles to push against your hand. Hold that contraction, then relax. Repeat to the opposite side. Continued

15 15  Warm up exercises can improve your health!  Warm Muscles reduce the chances of pulling muscles!  People who warm up do not look silly and they are less likely to injure themselves!  People who warm up are more effective and perform better. Take Away Messages WARM UP FOR WORK Zero Incidents – Zero Harm – Zero Compromise

16 16 Any Questions?

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