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Straighten Up-Bed Backs Gentle Wake Up Exercises for Your Back and Body.

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1 Straighten Up-Bed Backs Gentle Wake Up Exercises for Your Back and Body

2 Introduction Straighten Up Bed Backs are a great way to start your day! The gentle spinal warm-up, wake-up exercises are short and easy; completed in about 3 minutes. You may perform Bed Backs on a mattress or a floor mat. To make sure that the exercises are right for you, check with your health care provider or health coach before beginning Bed Backs, especially if you have spinal disabilities or a heart condition. If any activity hurts, stop doing it right away and consult your health care provider. Only do what feels comfortable and pain-free. Adapt exercises to fit your comfort level.

3 Straighten Up-Bed Backs Overview Seven gentle wake-up activities: 1.Backs 2.Ceilings 3.Ins and Outs 4.Helicopters 5.Twists 6.Belly Breathing 7.Wiggles

4 Backs Lying on your back – head level, arms out to the side, elbows bent at 90 degrees, fingers pointing up. Gently press your head, back, arms and legs into the mattress in 5 easy pulses of 1-2 seconds each. (15 seconds) Do not force the movement. If straight leg position causes you discomfort, you may bend your knees. Relax with hands down. Child Version

5 Ceilings Bring your palms together moving your fingers tips and arms towards the ceiling as far as you can, 5 times in gentle pulses of 1- 2 seconds. (15 seconds) Feel free to bend your knees if you feel low back discomfort. You may also alternate left and right hand reaches. Then bring your hands down and relax. Child Version Alternate Version

6 Ins and Outs Lying on your back, gently rotate your arms, hands, legs and feet inwardly and then outwardly 5 times to each side. Arms and legs may be done at the same time or separately. (15 seconds) For comfort keep your neck relaxed in a neutral position. Relax. Child Version

7 Helicopters Lying on your back, heels relaxed and down, arms at your sides, palms up - circle your hands and feet inwardly 5 times and outwardly 5 times. (15 seconds) Relax Youth Version

8 Twists (Consult with your health care provider before performing, if you have low back pain or lumbar disc problems.) Make sure you stay toward the middle of your bed, not on the edge where you could fall off. Lying on your back, bend your knees to a 45 degree angle with your feet flat. Looking left, gently touch your right hand to your left shoulder while slowly gently rolling both your knees to the right 45 degrees. (Only do what feels comfortable not painful. For stability both arms may be kept open out to the sides.) Alternate sides 5 times each. (30 seconds) Alternate Version

9 Belly Breathing As a warm up lying on your back with knees bent and feet flat, slowly arch your low back and then flatten your low back into the bed 3 times. (15 seconds) If this procedure produces low back pain discontinue the exercise. Next with flattened low back, slowly breathe in deeply. (Imagine filling your whole abdomen with air.) Then slowly breathe out completely, tightening your abdomen and bringing your belly button to your spine. Repeat 10 times. (70 seconds)

10 Wiggles Lying on your back gently wiggle your whole body. (10 seconds) Make wiggly funny faces. (5 seconds) Relax. If time permits you may also gently tap your face, head, neck, torso and limbs with your finger tips. If you wish the entire series of exercises could be repeated.

11 After your Bed Backs warm- up/wake-up, greet the day refreshed and ready to go! Have a great day!

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