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Low Back, Hip, Groin, & Hamstring Stretches Dr. Michael P. Gillespie.

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1 Low Back, Hip, Groin, & Hamstring Stretches Dr. Michael P. Gillespie

2 Hamstring Stretch Relax Breathe Standing with feet shoulder width apart Slowly bend from hips Keep knees slightly bent Neck and arms relaxed 10 – 15 seconds Do not lock knees or bounce

3 Returning to Upright First bend your knees This takes the pressure off your low back Use the larger muscles of your legs to stand up as opposed to your back muscles Slowly roll spine up and stand erect

4 Hamstring PNF Technique Relax Breathe Bent knee positon Toes straight ahead Hold for 30 seconds Stretch hamstrings as before

5 Hamstring Variation If you are unable to reach your toes with the knees slightly bent you can use a stair, curb, pile of books, or yoga block as a variation This is also helpful if you are still working on your balance

6 Hamstring Variation Hold on to the back of your lower legs with your hands Hold in the calf or ankle area You can gently pull your upper body downward to increase the stretch

7 Seated Hamstring Stretch Relax Breathe Sitting with legs straight and feet upright Heels no more than 6 inches apart Bend from the hips 10 – 15 seconds

8 Seated Hamstring Caveat Do not dip your head forward as you stretch Keep your hips from rolling backwards Think of bending your hips without rounding your upper back

9 Seated Hamstring Variation Sitting against a wall can help to keep your lower back flat

10 Seated Hamstring Variation You can use a towel to pull yourself forward gently Work your way down the towel with your fingers Be careful not to overstretch

11 Recumbent Hamstring Stretch Relax Breathe Lie on your back Lift your leg up to 90 degrees Keep lower back flat Hold for 15 – 20 seconds Use a towel if necessary You can use a pillow under your head

12 Groin Stretch Relax Breathe Place soles of feet together and hold onto your toes Gently pull yourself forward until you feel a good stretch Hold for 20 seconds Move from the hips not the shoulders

13 Groin Stretch Modification If you are having trouble bending forward, your heels may be too close to your groin Move your feet further out in front of you

14 Groin Stretch Variation Hold onto your feet with one hand Place your other hand on the inside of the leg (NOT the knee) and gently push downward Hold for 10-15 seconds Repeat on both sides

15 Groin Stretch PNF Use your hands to apply resistance on the insides of the opposite thighs Hold the contraction for 4-5 seconds Relax and stretch

16 Groin Stretch Variation Sit against a wall or couch for support Keep your back straight With the soles of the feet together, gently push down on the thighs (NOT knees) Hold for 20-20 seconds You can also do this stretch with a partner

17 Cross Legged Stretch Sit in a cross legged position and lean forward until you feel a comfortable stretch Elbows out in front of you Hold for 15-20 seconds

18 Cross Legged Variation Move your upper body over your knee instead of straight ahead Think of bending from the hips

19 Spinal Twist Relax Breathe Right leg straight Bend left knee, cross left foot over to outside of right knee Bend your right elbow and rest it on the outside of your left thigh Left hand resting behind you Rotate your upper body towards your left arm Hold for 10-15 seconds b/l

20 Spinal Twist Variation Pull your knee across your body toward the opposite shoulder until you feel an easy stretch Hold for 20-30 seconds

21 Routine

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