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Designed by: Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh REVISION ON THE SECOND SEMESTER.

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2 Designed by: Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh


4 I. Choose the word with different pronunciation of the underlined part: 1. A. phoned B. called C. cooked D. climbed 2. A. machine B. cheap C. teacher D. child 3. A. wants B. books C. stops D. sends * * *

5 Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest. 4. A. chemical B. delicate C. dependentD. company 5. A. cancer B. treatment C. tissue D. disease * *

6 Choose the best option 6. My brother gets used ……………….. ten hours a day. A. workB. workingC. workedD. to working 7. Would you mind …………….. me a hand ? A. giveB. gaveC. to giveD. giving 8. When I ………………him tomorrow, I will tell him about that. A. meetB. meetingC. metD. shall meet 9. When I got to the circus, the tickets _........... So, I had to go back home. A. were sold outB. have been selling out C. had been sold outD. had been selling out 10. My father ………….. a pack of cigarettes a day, but now he has given it up. A. used to smokingB. used to smoke C. is used to smokeD. is used to smoking * * * * *

7 11. What is the name of the blonde girl ___________ ? A. whom just came inB. who just came in C. when I have just seenD. who she met you. 12. I have no money now. If I _________ some, I __________ a pocket calculator. A. have – will buyB. would have – bought C. had – would bought D. had – would buy 13. We turned off the radio __________ the boring program. A. becauseB. because of C. however D. In spite of 14. David signed the papers ___________ he could work at the construction company. A. so thatB. such that C. in order to D. so as that 15. The exercise was ___________ for the pupils to do. A. very difficult B. so difficult that C. too difficult D. such a difficult * * * * *

8 16. Some of the students were absent …….school this morning. A. inB. forC. atD. from 17. Please go …………….this report before we send it to the managers office. A. outB. offC. overD. away 18. No one in the class can study as well as Jane. She is the _............. student in the class. A. goodB. betterC. bestD. well 19. The acronym of WTO comes from…………………... A.World Trade Organization. B.B. World Trading Organize. C. World Trade Organize. D. World of Trade for Organizer 20. A …………. is a large area of land which is covered chiefly with trees and shrubs. A.swamp B. desert C. forestD. timber * * * * *

9 21. I remember ___________ your key here yesterday. A. seeingB. to seeC. have seen D. see 22. My sister isnt used _____________ spicy food. A. eatB. eatingC. to eatD. to eating 23. If Mary had gone out last night, she _____________ seeing that film. A.missed B. had missed B.C. would miss D. would have missed 24. Peter is not ___________ to go swimming alone. A.old enoughB. enough old B.C. so old D. so young 25. This car belongs ___________ the new manager. A. forB. about C. toD. from * * * * *

10 26. The house was crowded ___________ students. A. withB. onC. ofD. by 27. Jack London quit school __________ the age of fourteen to become a sailor. A. atB. inC. forD. by 28. They got up early ___________ they would catch the first train. A.that B. in order to B.C. in order that D. so as to 29. What is Mr. Hais occupation? ________ A.Before breakfast B. At half past five B.C. Hes a farmer D. Hes working in the field 30. Would you like to have a drink? ________ A.Yes, I am B. Sure C. I really like it D. No, I dont like * * * * *

11 31. How often do you listen to the radio? ______ A. Three times a weekB. At 8 oclock in the evening C. In the sitting-roomD. During the dinner 32. _____________? Classical music. A. Do you like pop musicB. What kind of music do you like? C. How often do you listen to music D. How many kinds of music do you know 33. What do you think of horror film? ______ A. Oh, my god.B. I havent seen them for a long time C. Oh, I find them really disgusting D. I just saw a film last night. 34. Why are these two school so ____________ from each other ? A. safeB. different C. interested D. aware 35. If you cut your finger, it will ___________. A.healB. injectC. bleedD. vapourize * * * * *

12 Choose the best sentence that can be arranged from the words given 36. People speak English in most countries. A. People speaking English in a countries. B. People spoken English in two countries. C. English is spoken in most countries. D. Speaking people in most countries English. 37. Lets go fishing tomorrow. A. Why dont we go fishing tomorrow ? B. Why dont go fishing tomorrow ? C. Why dont we go fish tomorrow ? D. Why dont we go to fish tomorrow? * *

13 38. The meeting was put off because of the lack of time. A. There was not enough time to hold the meeting. B. People wanted to get away, so the meeting began early. C. The meeting is planned to start in a short time. D. The meeting lasted much longer than usual. *

14 39. I dont know _____________. A.when was this house built B. when this house was built C. who did this house belong to D. when does this house belong to 40.__________ I found another explanation in a guidebook. A.When arrived in London B. For arriving in London C. Arrived in London D. On arriving in London * *

15 41. If I ________ to him. I wouldnt have lost my way. A. would listen B. will listen C. had listened D. would listened 42. I regret _____ you that your application has been denied. A. inform B. to have informed C. to inform D. informing 43. By the time we got to the station, Susan...................... for us for more than two hours. A.had been waiting B. was waiting C. had waited D. waited 44. A …………. is an official document that you receive when you have completed a course of study or training. A. Graduation B. vocationC. certificate D. grade 45. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: A. looked B. punished C. forced D. accepted * * * * *

16 46. I haven't met her for three years. A.I did not meet her three years ago. B. During three years, I met her once. C. It is three years when I will meet her. D. The last time I met her was three years ago. 47. Despite feeling cold, we kept walking. A.Although we felt cold, we kept walking. B. We kept walking if we didn't feel cold. C. We kept walking without feeling cold. D. We kept walking so we felt cold 48. "Don't make so much noise all the time!", he said. A. He said to the boy not make so much noise all the time. B. He told to the boy not to make so much noise all the time. C. He told the boy not to make so much noise all the time. D. He said the boy not make so much noise all the time. * * *

17 49. - Congratulations! You did great. - _____________. A.Its nice of you to say so. B. Its my pleasure. C. Youre welcome. D. Thats okay. 50. The more we learn, _____________. A. we become wiseB. we become wiser C. wiser we becomeD. the wiser we become * *

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