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EMS Aviation Keeping Your World Connected™

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1 EMS Aviation Keeping Your World Connected™
WAEA SFW on Connectivity March 2010 Gary Hebb VP Innovation and Strategy EMS Technologies

2 Introducing: EMS Aviation
Ottawa, Canada Tewkesbury, UK Moorestown, NJ EMS SATCOM EMS Formation EMS Sky Connect ============== EMS Aviation Takoma Park, MD Other pertinent Stats? Norcross, GA Adelaide, Australia Office, Manufacturing / Research & Development Headquarters 2

3 The Network is Ready Personal Devices Transceivers Servers
Access points Antennas Satellites Gatelink Corporate Network Air to Ground Internet Firewall

4 Short Burst Data Low Speed Data High Speed Data Broadband Data Safety Services Live TV Video Servers Wi-Fi

5 Gary in 2003 Conjuring up product roadmap

6 Looking forward from 2010 Cinema quality wireless seatback video distribution Ka-band antennas

7 HD wireless video distribution
Do we need it? What data rates do we need? Is it possible?

8 Current IFE systems: 500 lbs of Cable

9 Largest Contiguous Frequency Allocation in History Sets Blogosphere Atwitter
7 GHz of Spectrum

10 60 GHz Unlicensed Band To Do: Find out about all the other countries

11 60 GHz Technology Compared to WiFi SiBEAM 200 times as much spectrum
L band 1 to 2 GHz S band 2 to 4 GHz C band 4 to 8 GHz X band 8 to 12 GHz Ku band 12 to 18 GHz K band 18 to 26.5 GHz Ka band 26.5 to 40 GHz Q band 30 to 50 GHz U band 40 to 60 GHz V band 50 to 75 GHz E band 60 to 90 GHz Compared to WiFi 200 times as much spectrum 50 times the capacity SiBEAM 4 GBps, uncompressed HDMI SiBEAM makes smallest phased array antenna, ever Pasted from <

12 SiBeam 60 GHz Technology

13 Wireless Uncompressed HD Video in Your Living Room

14 FCC Regulations

15 I don’t want to discourage you, but ….
Emerging standards probably not scalable to 100s of seats. Complete blockage by human bodies, drink carts Power Consumption (Gigabit data rates)

16 Ka-band Much Lower Cost per Bit than Ku or L Spot beam coverage
More spectrum Less complex antenna (than Ku) No polarization steering required More difficult steering problem Can be resolved

17 Only Regional Coverage at Ka-band
Need Ku to cover the oceans? It’s hard enough to pay for one broadband antenna. Regional Ka-band competes with Air-to-Ground tough competition!

18 Ka-band Rain Fades Example: Telesat

19 Gary’s Long Term Outlook
Wireless HD video distribution at 60 GHz can probably be made to work, but will keep folks like me busy for a long time. The technical problems at Ka-band can be solved, and can make passenger communications much more affordable. They are definitely worth solving if a global Ka network is built.

20 20

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