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Technical Training Wilson L. Chua MCSE+I, MCDBA, MCT, CCNA, CCDA.

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1 Technical Training Wilson L. Chua MCSE+I, MCDBA, MCT, CCNA, CCDA

2 Agenda General Benefits of Content Caching What is CacheXpress? Features of CacheXpress Implications for Broadband Networks CacheXpress How Tos on Deploying, Configuring and Monitoring Summary

3 Benefits of Using Content Caching Smaller bandwidth Faster Response 30-40% Avg Hit Rates 25% Avg Bandwidth Savings ROI is approx 3-4 months

4 A Caching Proxy Server that is better than Squid, using patented WhirlWind Engine PC Magazine Award winner Cache Server roundup 1999 – best performing Squid-base Cache (known as Industrial Code & Logic then) First in transparent web proxy-caching model For the Microsoft Windows NT operating system platform. First to offer WCCP (v1 & 2) support for WinNT/2000

5 CacheXpress Features Easy Web-Based Management Higher Performance (120 vs 500) Eliminates Bandwidth Hogs Optimizes Multiple Links Usage with ICP Access Control Solutions based on: Source/Destination Radius or Internal User HTTP Header Scalable Transparent Cacheing

6 Benefits to Broadband Networks Limited Intl bandwidth, Unlimited Local Bandwidth Proxy Peer among all broadband users DSL Pilot Experience

7 Deploying CacheXpress Best with Windows 2k or XP Download & Install Configure Initial Port Settings Supervisor Acct Determine Cache Size CacheSize= (PeakLoad * 432) PeakLoad= (#Dialups *.02) or (#LANUsers *.002) ROT: 1gb + 50mb / user Setting Cache Size

8 Applying Access Security Demo

9 Limiting Access via Http Header Info Limiting Access to QuickTime Limiting Access to Large Objects Requesting that Large Objects not be Cached

10 Accessing Upstream Caches ISP1 ISP2 This is You! Allows you to Maximize Multiple Internet Provider Links!

11 Setting bandwidth limits per unit/person/ip class Define Bandwidth Settings Apply Control Rules Scenario: 512kb internet link Limit to 80% of bandwidth No limit if they are browsing Bitstop Website

12 Using Radius or Internal User list for Authentication Scenario1 Scenario1 : Allow Access to Internal User but deny access to a Groupdeny access to a Group Scenario2Scenario2 : Allow Radius-Based Access

13 Setting up Scalable Tranparent Caching

14 Monitoring Cache Operations Overview Logs Cache Peers WCCP

15 Looking for Proxy Peering Pioneers Email: TelNos: +632-3302871 to 73

16 Summary CacheXpress is a caching proxy server that is 4x faster than Squid Lots of Usable Features Bandwidth Limiting Scalable Transparent Proxy Ease of Use Effective Access Controls Affordable and short ROI Call for PPPs

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