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First Nations ISPs First Nations Technology Council – February 2012.

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1 First Nations ISPs First Nations Technology Council – February 2012

2 The business decision Revenue and costs Operating a network ISP responsibilities Support and Maintenance Rules and regulations Technology decisions Deciding to be an ISP

3 Estimating Subscriber Revenues Number of homes, businesses # of users at school, health center, Band Office, … What percentage will subscribe? 30 – 70% of homes Most businesses and band facilities The Business Decision


5 Monthly charges for Broadband Service Telus: $30 / mo – 1 mbps down, 256k up, 30 GB $36 / mo – 1.5-6 mbps down, 1 mbps up, 150 GB Shaw: $39 / mo – 1 mbps down, 256 kbps up, 30 GB $45 / mo – 10 mbps down, 512 kbps up, 120 GB ABC: $40 / mo – 1 mbps down, 512k up, 10 GB $55 / mo – 2 mbps down, 512k up, 15 GB + install charges The Business Decision




9 Core Internet Access Authentication, IP Address control, Firewall,… Optional Services Email, Spam / Virus filters,… Administration Billing, payments, collections ISP Services

10 Help Desk – user support calls Technician for local network Network Monitoring Equipment, network links, subscriber units,… Bandwidth Management Assign capacity to users (perhaps depending on time) Measure / manage user traffic Community skills IT champion, community technician, administrator User Support Maintenance

11 Network security and Privacy Network equipment, sensitive data, staff Acceptable Use Policy Regulatory requirements CRTC registration / reporting Responsibility for content (copyright, illegal use) Governance How does the network fit in with your views on self- determination, territorial rights, control ISP Responsibilities

12 Community gateway (PoP) Capacity vs affordability Configuration and monitoring Last Mile network Wireless, Cable TV, ADSL, Fibre Existing infrastructure, access to poles, cost, speed Community ownership Technology

13 Business case, capacity in community Responsibilities, technology In-house or contract Keep the $ in the community, or pay someone else? Capacity development opportunity Community IT plan – applications and skills Management and control of a critical resource The ISP Decision

14 First Nations Technology Council Resources and tools First Nations BC Portal Hans Help and Resources

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