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Eucharist: Bread or Body?

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1 Eucharist: Bread or Body?

2 Bread or Body? 14 Eucharistic Miracles

3 Austria St. Georgenburg-Fiecht 1310
In the year of grace 1310, a priest was celebrating Holy Mass in this church dedicated to the holy martyr George and the Holy Apostle James. After consecrating the wine, he was seized with a doubt as to whether the Blood of Christ was really present under the species of wine. Suddenly the wine changed into red blood that began to boil in the chalice and overflow it.

4 Austria St. Georgenburg-Fiecht 1310
The abbot placed the remainder in a vessel in the tabernacle of the main altar near the cloth with which the chalice was wiped.) As soon as news of this miraculous event began to spread, more and more pilgrims began to arrive to adore the sacred Blood. In 1472, Bishop Georg von Brixen ordered a study and as a result of this investigation, the adoration of the Blessed Blood was encouraged and the miracle was declared authentic.

5 St. Georgenburg-Fiecht 1310

6 Austria - Seefeld 1384 On Holy Thursday night, 1384, a knight attended Mass at the parish church in Seefeld. He was a man of exceeding arrogance and pride. After Mass, the knight approached the high altar with his sword drawn, his head covered and surounded by a band of intimidating armed men, and demanded he be given the large host - the small host normally given to the congregation he regarded too ordinary for him. The frightened priest handed him the host, and the knight remained standing as he took it.

7 Austria - Seefeld 1384 But as soon as he had the Host in his mouth, he sank into the ground up to his knees. He grasped the altar with both hands, leaving imprints that can still be seen. Filled with terror, he begged the priest to remove the host from his mouth. The priest immediately took back the Host. The trembling stopped and live blood began dripping from the Host. The humiliated knight rushed to the monastery of Stams, confessing and repenting his sin of arrogance. The Host, stained with blood, can be seen at the Church of St. Oswald.

8 Austria - Weiten 1411 A thief broke into the sacristy and slipped a consecrated Host into one of his gloves. The thief then mounted his horse intending to make for the nearby village of Spitz. When he arrived at the spot that today is marked by a chapel in honor of the miracle, his horse halted and would not move no matter how much the man beat him. Some laborers working in the surrounding fields came to help. But the horse stood as still as a statue.

9 Austria - Weiten 1411 Then without warning, the animal leaped to a gallop, and the Host dropped to the ground without anybody noticing. A few days later, a woman passed by the spot and saw the Host encircled in a strong light. She picked it up and noticed that the consecrated Host was broken in two parts, but remained joined together by threads of bleeding flesh. At her own expense, she built a small chapel in thanksgiving on the spot and many pilgrims came to the place.

10 Belgium - Bois-Seigner-Isaac
Starting on the Tuesday before Pentecost of the year 1405, the Lord appeared covered with his wounds to John of Huldenbergat. At the third apparition, He said “Go into the Chapel of Isaac, you will find me there.” At the same time, a parish priest, heard a voice instructing him to go offer the Mass there.

11 Belgium - Bois-Seigner-Isaac
The priest began the Mass and when he unfolded the corporal he saw there a piece of the large Host that had been consecrated the preceding Tuesday. He sought to receive the Host but it clung to the corporal and began to bleed. The priest turned white and John who had observed everything comforted him by saying: “Do not fear, this marvel comes from God.” The blood continued to flow for 4 days and could not be removed.

12 Brussels A rich man who hated the Catholic religion had some consecrated Hosts stolen. He was assassinated mysteriously a few days later. His widow, surmising it was a punishment from Heaven, got rid of the Hosts by giving them to friends of her husband. These friends were filled with hatred of things Catholic. On Good Friday 1370, the friends met and began to slash the Hosts with knives and the Hosts began to bleed! The desecrators were badly frightened and entrusted the Hosts to a Catholic.

13 Herkenrode-Hasselt A curious family member of a sick person, pulled a pyx out of a priest’s bag, opened the cover and put his hand into it. As soon as he realized that there was a Host inside, he closed it. He put everything back in order. When the priest opened the pyx, the Host was stained with blood and was in some way glued to the linen that covered the bottom of the container. Then the face of Christ crowned with thorns appeared on the Host.

14 Croatia - Ludbreg During the consecration of the wine, a priest doubted the truth of transubstantiation. The wine in the chalice turned into Blood.

15 ITALY – LANCIANO 750 A monastic priest doubted whether the Body of Our Lord was truly present in the consecrated Host. He celebrated Mass and when he said the words of consecration, he saw the Host turn into Flesh and the Wine turn into Blood. Everything was visible to those in attendance.

16 ITALY – LANCIANO 750 The Flesh is still intact and the Blood is divided into five unequal parts which together have the exact same weight as each one does separately. On March 4, 1971, a professor presented a detailed report of his studies of the relics. Here are the basic results:

17 ITALY – LANCIANO 750 The “miraculous flesh" is authentic flesh consisting of muscular striated tissue of the Myocardium. The “miraculous Blood" is truly blood. The chromatographic analysis indicated this with absolute and indisputable certainty. The immunological study shows with certitude that the flesh and the blood are human, and the immuno – ematological test shows the blood type is AB, the same as that of the man of the Shroud.


19 ITALY – CASCIA -1330 A priest was asked to bring Communion to a sick peasant. The priest took a consecrated Host and placed it irreverently in the pages of his breviary and went to the peasant. When he arrived at the house of the sick man, after hearing his confession, he opened the book to take out the Host which he had placed there. To his great surprise he found that the Host was stained with living blood, so much as to mark both pages between which it had been placed.

20 ITALY – CASCIA -1330

21 ITALY – Mogoro -1604 A priest was celebrating Mass and after the consecration began distributing Communion when he saw two men who were well-known for their dissolute lives. The pastor gave them Communion and as soon as they had taken the Host in their mouth, they spit them out on the stone floor. The two men said that the Hosts had become hot as burning embers and that they were burning their tongues. Then, taken by remorse at not first having gone to Confession, they ran away.

22 ITALY – Mogoro -1604 Father Salvatore went to gather the Sacred Hosts and saw that their imprints remained in the stone as if they had been sculpted there.

23 ITALY – Rome -1610 It is still possible today to see the miraculous imprint left by the Host which fell on the steps of the altar in the Caetani Chapel of Santa Pudenziana Church in Rome. The imprint on the step was left when the Host fell from the hands of a priest, who, while celebrating Mass was taken with doubt on the Real Presence of Christ in the sacrament of the Eucharist.

24 ITALY – Rome -1610

25 ITALY – Rome -1610

26 ITALY – SIENA -1730 On August 14, 1730 some thieves were able to enter San Francesco’s Church in Siena, and stole the chalice containing 351 consecrated Hosts. After three days, on August 17th, in the alms box of the sanctuary of Santa Maria in Provengano, in the dust, were found the 351 consecrated Hosts intact. The entire population celebrated the finding of the consecrated Hosts which were right away taken back to the church of San Francesco in a solemn procession.

27 ITALY – SIENA -1730 With the passing of time the Hosts were not altered. Many times, distinguished men examined them with every means available and the conclusions were always the same: “The sacred Hosts are still fresh, intact, uncorrupted, chemically pure, and do not present any sign of alteration”.

28 ITALY – SIENA -1730 In the Basilica of San
Francesco in Siena, 223 consecrated Hosts are kept intact for 276 years. Unconsecrated hosts were sealed a tin box for ten years. When the tin box was reopened, they found only worms and rotted fragments.

29 Portugal – Santarem A young woman overcome with jealousy for her husband, consulted a sorceress who told her to go the church and steal a consecrated Host to use for a love potion. The woman stole the Host and hid it in a linen cloth that immediately became stained with Blood. Frightened by this, she ran home and opened the kerchief to see the Blood was gushing from the Host.

30 Portugal – Santarem The confused woman stored the Particle in a drawer in her bedroom. That night the drawer began to emit brilliant rays of light which illuminated the room as if it were daytime. The Host bled for three consecutive days. It was then placed in a beautiful reliquary made of beeswax.

31 Portugal – Santarem In 1340, another miracle occurred. When the priest opened the tabernacle, he found the beeswax vase broken into many pieces: in its place was a crystal vase containing the Blood mixed with the wax. Throughout the centuries, on various occasions, the Host gave new emissions of Blood and in some cases various images of our Lord were seen in it.

32 Portugal – Santarem

33 Portugal – Santarem

34 Spain – Moncada In the Eucharistic Miracle of Moncada, Baby Jesus appeared in the Sacred Host to dissipate the doubts of a priest uncertain about the validity of his priestly ordination. Every time he celebrated Mass he greatly feared he was deceiving the faithful by distributing unconsecrated hosts. He was also terrified that none of the other sacraments he was performing were valid. The priest ardently prayed for the Lord to give him some sign of confirmation. He received an answer on Christmas Day, 1392.

35 Spain – Moncada That day, a five year old girl refused to leave the church at the end of Mass, imploring her mother to let her remain there to play with the beautiful child the pastor had held in his arms during Mass. To test her further, the priest invited her to attend Mass on the following day. He took two hosts, but he consecrated only one of them. Then, taking the consecrated host, the priest asked the little girl what she could see in his hands. She answered, “I see Baby Jesus.” Then he lifted the unconsecrated host and asked the same question. “I see a white little disc.”

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