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Two Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Church Baptism & Confirmation Year 9.

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1 Two Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Church Baptism & Confirmation Year 9

2 Jesus Himself commenced ( ‘ instituted ’ ) the Sacrament of Baptism BAPTISM beginnings Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptised by John. As soon as Jesus was baptised he came up from the water and suddenly heaven opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming down upon him. And a voice spoke from heaven, ‘ This is my Son, the Beloved. My favour rests on him. ’

3 Jordan River John baptises Jesus

4 Jordan River today

5 He told the apostles ‘ Go out to all nations. Baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… ’ Matthew 27: 19 The commission …

6 BAPTISM Gift of God ’ s great love

7 Our personal history began in the heart of God long before our parents came together. God knew and loved each of us long before we were conceived. We began in love and our future destiny is love

8 ‘ Before you were knit together in your mother ’ s womb, I knew you! ’ God speaks through the prophet Isaiah To God, each of us was always a loved and wanted child …

9 ‘ I held you in the palm of my hand. You are precious. You are honoured in my sight and I love you…. ’ God speaks through Isaiah

10 No other person will ever be loved by God the same way as you or me! Just as no finger prints are ever the same, so God loves each of us uniquely.

11 Do you really believe God knows you intimately and loves you immensely ?

12 Ancient Baptismal promises made by parents and godparents at the Baptism of their children

13 At last, the day came for which God had waited… my BAPTISM when God embraced me as a beloved daughter ‘This is my beloved daughter. I delight in her. ’

14 The ceremony of Baptism

15 Age = 1 week born June 17, 2003 Mary Sophia’s story

16 Father = ANDY Mother = CLARE

17 At 7 weeks – her Baptism at St Michael’s Remuera

18 At our Baptism some things happen which can be seen and heard other wonderful things happen which are not visible except to the ‘eye of faith’.

19 The SACRAMENT (sacred sign) What do we SEE ? What do we HEAR ?

20 The Sacred Sign of Baptism WATER (poured on the head) I BAPTISE YOU IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (words spoken aloud) +

21 Why did Jesus choose WATER as the sign of Baptism ? water is a sign of LIFE

22 I BAPTISE you i.e. plunge you into water in the name of God the FATHER God the SON God the HOLY SPIRIT. All 3 Persons of the Holy Trinity are involved at our Baptism! WORDSWORDS

23 Ancient Baptism Pool - Israel earliest Baptisms took place ‘by immersion’

24 Other Baptismal signs 1 Anointing with SACRED CHRISM on the crown of the head CHRISM is the perfumed oil used to consecrate persons and things. It is a sign of the HOLY SPIRIT’S PRESENCE.

25 2 Light

26 From the PASCHAL CANDLE representing Jesus, Risen and the Light of the World ….. baby’s baptism candle is lit and passed to the parents

27 “This light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. Your child has been lit up by Christ. May she always walk as a child of the light. May she keep the flame of faith alive in her heart. One day may she go out to meet Christ with all the Saints in the Kingdom of Heaven” To parents and Godparents the priest says

28 Godparents of Mary Sophia Who are YOUR Godparents ? Why do we have Godparents?

29 Where were you Baptised? When did this happen? Do you know who baptised you? What do you know about your own Baptism Day?

30 Many adults are baptised into the Catholic Church after a time of preparation

31 At your Baptism, what wonderful things happened to you which NO ONE COULD SEE ?

32 Jesus calls GOD, “ ABBA ” - “ Dearest Father ” What did “ ABBA ” do for you at your Baptism ?

33 St Paul tells us GOD ADOPTED each of us as His own child!

34 The DOVE is a special symbol of the Holy Spirit. What did the Holy Spirit give you at your Baptism ?

35 The Holy Spirit is ‘ God ’ s love, poured into our hearts ’ - St Paul

36 What did Jesus Christ do for you at your Baptism ? He became your Brother, your Saviour, your Lord, your Dearest Friend. He made you His follower - one who bears His own name, ‘CHRISTian’ You belong to His family, the Church.

37 ‘ I am the vine, you are my branches ’ Jesus uses the image of a vine and its branches to describe the amazing way He wishes to relate to us …

38 Sacrament of Initiation 2 CONFIRMATION

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