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Hotel Organization Hotel and Rooms Division Operation

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1 Hotel Organization Hotel and Rooms Division Operation

2 Functions of a Hotel Functions… Lodging accommodations Revenue centers
Cost centers Serve and enrich society Profit for the owners

3 General Manager General Manager… Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Relating to guests and employees

4 General Manager Manager (cont.)…
Overseeing and coordinating operations Increasing profitability

5 Qualities of Successful Managers
Leadership Attention to detail Follow through People skills Patience Ability to delegate effectively

6 The Executive Committee
General Manager Director of Human Resources Director of Food and Beverage Director of Rooms Division Director of Marketing and Sales Director of Engineering Director of Accounting

7 Rooms Division Rooms Division… Front Office Reservations Housekeeping
Concierge Guest services Security Communications

8 Front Office Manager (FOM)
Enhance guest services Sample of duties performed by FOM daily Review previous night’s occupancy/ADR Review arrivals/departures/VIP rooms Staffing adjustments/scheduling Look over Market Mix Meet with lead GSA’s

9 Basic Functions of the Front Office
Sell rooms Maintain balanced guest accounts Offer services such as faxes, mail, messages, etc.

10 Room Status Codes Codes… VR - Vacant and Ready VC - Vacant and Clean
VD - Vacant and Dirty OR - Occupied and Ready OC - Occupied and Clean

11 Room Status Codes Codes (cont.)… OD - Occupied and Dirty
CO - Check-Out OO - Out of Order DND - Do Not Disturb V/O or O/V - Status Unclear

Being consistently pleasant and polite Dealing with complaints tactfully, calmly, and politely Handling unexpected situations calmly Working well with colleagues and hotel guests Teamwork

Working with computers Keeping accurate records Attention to detail Being comfortable with routine work Following instructions and established procedures Keeping track of numerous responsibilities at once General office skills Lifting, carrying, and standing for long periods of time

14 Duties of a Guest Service Agent
7:00 am - 3:00 pm shift Check-outs Guest inquiries Room changes Work with housekeeping 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm shift Check-ins Reservations

15 Night Auditor Night Auditor… Closes the books on a daily basis
Posts charges Balances guest accounts Completes daily report

16 Night Audit Process in Simple Terms
ADD Yesterday’s closing balance of accounts owed by guests LESS Payments received today against accounts

17 Night Audit Process in Simple Terms
Terms (cont.)… PLUS All charges made today to guests’ account EQUALS Day’s closing balance of accounts owed by guest

18 Reservations Reservations… First area of guest contact
A sales position Telephone skills Central Reservations System (CRS)

19 Reservation Definitions
Confirmed reservation Guaranteed reservation Advance deposit/advance payment No show 6 pm reservation

20 Communications or PBX PBX… Public Branch Exchange Profit center
Includes many types of communication Faxes Messages Pagers and radios Emergency center

21 Guest Services Uniformed Service
Bell Captain or Guest Services Manager Door attendants Hotel’s unofficial greeters Luggage Bell persons Escort guests to their rooms

22 Concierge Concierge… Part of guest/uniformed services
Elevate properties marketable value Typically in a luxury hotel

23 Concierge Concierge (cont.)… Unique requests Knowledge of city
Several languages preferred

24 Security and Loss Prevention
Providing guest safety and loss prevention… Security officers Equipment Keys Safety procedures Identification procedures ADA compliance

25 Trends in Hotel/Rooms Division
Diversity of both guests/workforce Increase in business travel Increased need for technology Continued quest for increase in productivity Increasing use of yield management Greening of hotels and guest rooms

26 REFERNCES Catering Housekeeping and front office-Ursula Jones
Accommodation management- Rosemary Hurst

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