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Im a Survivor! Unit I Language A Thursday, August 29, 2013.

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1 Im a Survivor! Unit I Language A Thursday, August 29, 2013

2 Lost

3 Work Session Im a Survivor And the Survivors are… No one survived….

4 Here is ranking of the items 1.Cigarette lighter (without fluid) 2.Ball of steel wool 3.Extra shirt and pants for each survivor 4.Can of Crisco shortening 5.20 x 20 foot piece of canvas

5 Will my team survive? Learning Target: Today I am learning the academic vocabulary that I will need for Unit 1 BECAUSE this will help me to understand new words and to increase my level of knowledge.

6 Unit 1 Academic Vocabulary 1.Central idea – the main thought or principal theme 2.Claim – to assert or maintain as a fact 3.Cite – to mention as support or to refer to as an example 4.Summary – to provide a brief but thorough account of what has happened 5.Conventions – a rule or method

7 Unit 1 Academic Vocabulary 6.Collaborative – to work with another or others on a joint project 7.Argument – a process of reasoning 8.Evidence – that which tends to prove or disprove something 9.Resilience – the ability to recover from illness, depression, or adversity 10.Insight – asking tough questions and giving honest answers about yourself and the difficult situations you find yourself in

8 Unit 1 Academic Vocabulary 11.Independence – being your own person and keeping emotional distance between you and the pressures of family, friends, and circumstances 12.Relationships – connections with other people based on sharing, mutual respect, and openness 13.Initiative – taking action, meeting challenges, solving problems

9 Unit 1 Academic Vocabulary 14.Creativity – using your imagination to express yourself and to handle hurt feelings and difficult experiences 15.Humor – finding whats funny, even when youre sad or in pain 16.Morality – thinking of others as well as yourself. Its learning what other people need and trying to give it to them

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