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Preparing to Share Your Story

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1 Preparing to Share Your Story
Personal Evangelism Preparing to Share Your Story

2 Personal Evangelism: “You shall be witnesses to Me”
...Jesus Christ

3 Overview of the unit’s objective Every church planter needs:
A well thought-out and sharp presentation of the personal story of his or her relationship with God through Jesus Christ A good gospel tract that can be used to clarify the issues of sin and salvation A marked New Testament presentation of the gospel truths A memorized gospel presentation that clearly presents the gospel truths and opens doors for dialogue and explanation of those truths

4 Biblical Foundations: Why We Are Training
Matthew 28: Jesus has given us a command to make disciples of all people. This is not a suggestion but a command. John 14:6--Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.”

5 WHY WE ARE TRAINING Acts 1:8--Jesus states that with the power of the Holy Spirit we will be witnesses for Him. 1 Peter 3:15--Peter tells believers to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” (NIV).

6 Your Personal Story/Testimony
Every Christian has a personal story/testimony. Definition: A personal account of your life before you made a commitment to follow Jesus, how you came to know Jesus personally and how Jesus has affected your life since you came to know Him personally.

7 Basic Characteristics of a Personal Story
1. It is authoritative because God has given you new life. 2. It communicates because you can tell others how Jesus has radically changed your life. 3. It relates because everyone is in need of forgiveness and assurance of salvation. 4. It is powerful because it enables the presentation of the gospel to be both unique and personal.

8 Developing Your Personal Story
A. My life before I made a commitment to follow Jesus. 1. Give general details of how you lived your life before you made a commitment to follow Jesus. 2. Tell: “How I failed to live up to God’s standards.” a. How I was convicted of my sin. b. How I realized I needed Jesus. B. How I came to know Jesus personally. Acts 22:6-13; 26:13-15 1. Tell: “How I discovered God loved me.” 2. How I learned the truth about Jesus. 3. How I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

9 Developing Your Personal Story (Cont.)
C. My life since I came to know Jesus personally. Acts 22:14-16; 26:16-23 1. Tell: “How Jesus has made a difference in my life.” Example: a. He has become a friend that is always there. b. He has brought peace in my life. c. He has given purpose and meaning to my life. d. He has been a daily source of strength and encouragement to me. 2. Tell: “How I am now living for Him.” Example: a. Now I love reading the Bible and praying. b. I enjoy telling others about Him. c. I now attend church and Bible study faithfully.

10 Guidelines for Writing Your Personal Story/Testimony
Key points in developing your story. 1. Be brief – the focus should be how Jesus changed your life. 2. Give details about the most important. 3. Avoid Christian language such as saved, walked an aisle. Keep your story natural in presentation 1. Let your story flow as though you were sharing with friends. 2. Rehearse your story to become comfortable in sharing it. 3. Take time to develop the details.


12 Guidelines for Sharing Your Story
Smile when you share. If Jesus is the best thing that has happened to you, then you should have joy overflowing in your life. Assurance of salvation gives you joy and peace that surpasses understanding. Be relaxed--be real. Trust in the fact that Jesus has changed your life and that He can change others too. To have been changed by Jesus Christ is to know the one true way to God.

13 Pray before sharing. Guidelines for Sharing Your Story (cont.)
Always seek God before sharing your story. Always commit yourself and testimony to God as an offering. Always intercede on behalf of the lost person. My most wanted Ask God to give you the name of the person with whom to share your personal story/testimony. Write down the person’s name and pray for that person.

14 Using C-A-S-T as a Guided Conversation
C - CONNECTION: Talk about the person’s background • “Where are you from originally?” • “How do you like living here?” • If you are already acquainted, you may ask about their family or people you both know. A – ACTIVITIES: Find out about the person’s work, hobbies or interests. (Seek to discover commonalties) Questions you might ask: • For students: “Tell me what you are studying.” • If you are already acquainted, you may ask how things are going with their job or studies.

• If you notice evidence of interests such as sports items, books, art, or photographs, you may ask or comment about these. S - SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Find out whether the person is open to discussing spiritual matters. Questions you might ask: • “Would you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?” • “Do you ever think about spiritual things?” (If they aren’t sure what you mean, say, “things like heaven, prayer, God, etc.”) Ask: May I share my story with you? T - TELL YOUR STORY

16 Two types of follow-up questions
Qualifying questions Has anything similar happened to you? Does what I have been sharing make sense to you? Commitment questions Would you like to invite Jesus into your life now? Is there any reason why you should not receive Jesus now?

17 Activity 2 Pair up with one other person and share your personal story. First person: Begin by asking, “May I share my story with you?” Conclude by asking, “Does what I have been sharing make sense?” Second person: Take a few minutes to help the other person think through their story. Specifically reflect, are there any parts that are confusing? Is there any church language that could be put in more common vernacular? Reverse roles and let the second person tell your story. First person can help with reflection.

18 Preparing to Share Your Story
Personal Evangelism Preparing to Share Your Story

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