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27 July 2007. Experience of a Successful Eco-lodge Operator The Lisu Lodge, Thailand By K.Chananya Phataraprasit Director.

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1 27 July 2007

2 Experience of a Successful Eco-lodge Operator The Lisu Lodge, Thailand By K.Chananya Phataraprasit Director

3 27 July 2007 The principles of a win-win collaboration with a local Cultural Minority : Cultural Minorities can benefit from Tourism industry Alternative revenues Increase self esteem through business partnership Better living standards without sacrificing but rather promoting the local culture Access to the international market/world Tourism in enriched by Cultural minorities. Unique selling point : bio-diversity (exoticism) A network of diversified and dedicated suppliers The long term involvement of the local community

4 27 July 2007 The history of Lisu Lodge Founded in 1993 in a Lisu Village 1H North of Chiang Mai Initially a 4 rooms – 1 bathroom house built by the villagers Rebuilt in 1995 at the outskirt of the village as a 6 rooms /6 bathrooms on the design of the local houses. Developed in 2002 as a compound of 4 houses of 6 rooms each + 3 staff houses, a market area for local handicraft. Upgraded in 2005 with a local style steam bath,

5 27 July 2007 The dedicated and exclusive involvement of the Lisu community 100% of the staff is from the village Local costume and culture has been resuscitated, enhanced and displayed. Lisu and Visitors are in direct contact Self esteem was restored

6 27 July 2007 Activities operated with the community We introduced Safety standard Reliability Insurance Guiding Sense of timing Sense of commitment Cleanliness The Community bring: The local Knowledge The skills The daily care of animals The staff The local connections

7 27 July 2007 The whole village is involved Village Benefits & Contribution : Local Handicraft sold to visitors Local Museum was developed by the head man The Lisu culture is explained with the contribution of the local Shaman. The village is kept clean No handicraft selling is done outside the dedicated shops Kids are not allowed to beg Costume is widely used

8 27 July 2007 Professional management Operation run like a hotel chain Budget Cost control Human resource management ( training) Any long term success of an eco tourism project is dependent on two critical factors: there has to be total and sustained focus on the careful preservation of the cultural diversity of the site. as well as a radical business approach

9 27 July 2007 The dedicated marketing ASIAN OASIS : Mythical Journeys A clear POSITIONING Low density High quality Eco-friendly Cultural conservation Relevant for most foreign visitors An experience to remembers Comfort and safety. Professional BUSINESS PRACTICE Friendly priced Pragmatic approach to distribution Reliable and trustworthy Sustainable tourism Renewable energy

10 27 July 2007 Dedicated Marketing Marketing Budget Brochures Web site Advertising Trade shows

11 27 July 2007 Growing but controlled numbers What made the difference? Consistency lead to recognition and to award winning Award winning lead to Tour Operators brochures Brochure dispatching lead to Public awareness. Tomorrow Internet will be the key factor Any failure to keep the product integrity would turn the Lisu Lodge into a mediocre guest house

12 27 July 2007 Our issues Eco-friendly equipments are not available : Solar water heater 4 times more expensive than gas No clean vehicles No garbage sorting No recycling It is difficult to conduct business in remote areas ID and Land title is limited Education do not promote minority culture Killing of wild animal still wide stayed No capacity assessment. Any success story is in danger to create its own destruction ( Sea Canoes, River rafting, Elephants are over used )

13 27 July 2007 Our Hopes and solutions Work with Associations and NGOs PDA and PATA have help build pilot project like Lor Chart. Conference & seminar Training, training and training Promote through PR and example Award winning 1998 Best Lodge Award from TravelAsia Conservation International's Ecotourism Excellence Award 2000 PATA's 2000 Gold Award of Ecotourism & Cultural Diversity British Airways' Tourism For Tomorrow Award: 200 Highly Recommended Accommodation

14 27 July 2007 Conclusion 4 The Lisu Lodge is living proof that the basic principles of responsible tourism can be turned into a successful business. As a pilot project it has set a new standard for local community involvement. 4 We hope we are empowering hill tribe people to choose their own destiny from a position of strength and understanding. We are in fact using the power of the tourist dollar to slow down and hopefully even reverse environmental and cultural degradation. At the same time we hope that our guests are going back home with respect for other cultures.

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