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The Corporate Social Responsibility Market Access Partnerships Project (CSR-MAP) By: Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA) and Partners.

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1 The Corporate Social Responsibility Market Access Partnerships Project (CSR-MAP) By: Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA) and Partners Bangkok, 08 March 2011 INTRODUCING CSR-MAP Project

2 Project Brief Description Title: CSR-MAP Corporate Social Responsibility Market Access Partnerships for Thai Sustainable Tourism Supply Chains. Objective:Contribute towards Sustainable tourism development and management in Thailand. Specific purpose: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policies are introduced in the Thai tourism sector. Thai tourism standards for social and environmental sustainability are strengthened in 3 core product areas (Hotel industry, Ecotourism, Community Based Tourism) with the support of EU tour operators. Implementation duration: from 1 Mar. 2009 to 31 August 2010 Budget: 235,983.15 Euro; EU contribution: 176,987.36 Euro

3 Project Brief Description 1) 3 months Tourism market studies by European partner to understand the current level of European tour operator demand and specific expectations for Thai sustainable tourism 2) 7 months Developing new Sustainable Tourism Standards for Thai Tour Operators, Eco-guides, Green Restaurants & Hotels, Local communities (CBT) through participatory processes 3) 6 months Developing 20 Green Tourism Routes, combining Thai SME Ecotourism suppliers. Selecting 4 pilot routes. FAM Trip for EU operators 4) 2 months Introducing and promoting the routes to the market. Initiating private / public partnerships for further development of standards and routes.

4 Partnership of Ecotourism Pioneers 240 + Thai SME Tourism Suppliers 1.Responsible Tour Operators 2.Eco Tour Guides 3.Green SME Accommodations 4.Green Restaurants 5.Community based Tourism (CBT) Villages Project Partners 1.Lead by TEATA 2.Greenleaf Foundation 3.European Center for Eco and Agro Tourism 4.Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute (CBT-I)

5 Outcomes/Results achieved Market research covering 12 European countries and over 400 tour operators, leading to a clearer picture of demand for Thai ecotourism by EU tourists and operators; Training for 240 Thai SME suppliers, increasing their understanding of sustainable tourism issues and of actions which they can take to benefit society and the environment; Development of 5 new sustainable tourism standards including consensus on 20 common principles by over 240 local Thai suppliers, across 5 Thai SME supplier groups: Ecotour operators, professional tour guides, SME hotels, restaurants and community based tourism (CBT);


7 Outcomes/Results achieved (contd) The development of 21, highly original, integrated, themed sustainable tourism package tours (Green Routes) giving European tourists opportunities to stay in green hotels, visit local communities (community based tourism) and enjoy healthy food in community and nature friendly restaurants. Operated by committed, professional ecotourism operators and lead by trained ecotour guides; Synergy Training: A new training process to optimize synergy and cooperation between local supplier networks; A very successful FAM (familiarisation) survey trip, attended by 11 EU tour operators and 4 journalists;

8 Integrated Sustainable Tourism Routes... CBT + Green Hotel + Restaurant + Eco-Guide + Responsible TOs Essence and Theme Innovative / Interactive Activities Local Insight / Comfort Routes

9 FAM – 21 st to 27 th June, 2010

10 Outcomes/Results achieved (contd) A National Policy Workshop where representatives of supplier groups presented results and lessons learned to key government, private and public sector stakeholders; 3 quality publications to share lessons learned by the CSR-MAP project in Thailand and overseas.

11 Impact The project significantly raised the profile of sustainable tourism among Thai tourism stakeholders, and provided a practical initiative for Thai government agencies to support. The success of the project influenced new Thai government policy Thailand Go Green; Greater knowledge of EU market needs and deeper acceptance of the importance of sustainability across 5 Thai tourism supplier groups and within core government offices; Creative, replicable processes for developing sustainable tourism standards and products through participatory processes, creating local SME supplier networks and synergies.

12 The Power of Partnership: Partners worked with government, tourism SMEs and local Thai communities

13 Key Recommendations TEATA and partners strengthen supplier-market coordination mechanisms and follow up market research leads asap; Continued market research in additional EU and non-EU countries, with a focus on countries with less mature, less competitive supply chains, FIT and SAVE markets. Lobby EU operators to pilot products / add value at market end; Capacity building / seed funding support for Thai tourism SMEs to develop sustainability performance and invest in necessary technical improvements to reach the new standards; Thai partners and the PATA/TAT consult to draft a tailored, marketing strategy to support the new sustainable tourism routes, including a brand and B2B / B2C marketing platform and proactive TAT support for Thai and EU operators; Transport providers included in standards initiatives urgently;

14 KEY CHALLENGE – ADDING VALUE TO QUALITY Market requests painless change for better…? Same price (cheapest) Same quality (highest) Plus Sustainable… Cheaper Better Quality More Unique and Creative Quicker Help us to add value at the market end

15 Inspiring experiences crafted for our guests… Local knowledge of Thai Ecotourism Pioneers… Real benefits for local people and the environment… Thank-you for your time…

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