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Annual Training In-Brief

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1 Annual Training In-Brief
CORRECT Annual Training In-Brief

2 Introduction The Georgia Garrison Training Center (GGTC) is operated under the control and supervision of The Adjutant General, Georgia Department of Defense. Even though we are located on Ft. Stewart, GA (FSGA), we are still a separate entity within the FSGA Garrison complex. Our facilities (administrative buildings, quarters, latrines, mess halls, etc.), when coupled with FSGA’s resources (maneuver areas and firing ranges), makes us ideally situated to support the training of any unit or agency during their Inactive Duty of Training (IDT), Annual Training (AT), mobilization/demobilization, classes, or conferences. You are invited to visit our website, to obtain needed information you will need to know and understand during your stay with us. The first item to review and abide by is our GGTC SOP#1. In here, you will find information which will ensure your visit with us is both efficient and productive. Please take time to review our entire website now and in the future. CORRECT



5 Directory Office of the Director/Garrison Commander – Building 10504
Work Cell LTC Wallace Steinbrecher Director/Garrison Commander LTC Edwin A. Laster Deputy Director Ms Kimberly Bacon Executive Assistant Training Center Command – Building 9604 CSM John Smiley Garrison CSM MSG David Grimes OPS NCOIC SFC Buck Davis DPTMS NCOIC SGT Crystal Reed Supply NCO Directorate of Logistics – Building 10528 MAJ James Rush Supervisor MSG Stan Posey Scheduling SPC Tracie Penman Scheduling Assistant SGT Leslie Lockhart Supply SSG Paul Kellman Warehouse Supervisor CORRECT

6 Directory Network Enterprise Center – Building 10506
SFC Christian Brents IT Supervisor Directorate of Public Works – Building 10504 Work Cell MAJ Chuck Carter Facility Engineer Mr. Joey Waters Asst. Facility Engineer Billeting & Protocol – Building 10506 Jason Childers Chief, Billeting & Protocol Ms. Deborah Lee Clerk Resource Management – Building 10505 Ms. Tammy Chapman Resource Manager Mr. Billy Todd Procurement & Services Officer Work Order Number: CORRECT

7 Directorate of Logistics
DOL DOL Hours of Operation: , M-F Warehouse will be closed for inventory the first Tue of each month DOL Tips for Success - Do not tape anything to painted surfaces. If using DFACs to cook, frost-free chest freezers must not be overloaded. 400# ice chests are available at DOL if you require extra bulk cold storage. If you drew excess facilities, keep them locked & secured until turn-in. You may turn them in anytime prior to your scheduled clearance. If you drew a large number of facilities, schedule a pre-inspection prior to your clearance date. Removing trash is essential to controlling pests in/around barracks and DFACs. Separate trash and place on the street side of your DFAC building, or utilize the brown and blue dumpsters spotted throughout the area. Do not tamper with thermostats. Keeping the blinds down and doors closed will maintain the temperature. NEED TO GET WITH MAJ RUSH

8 Directorate of Public Works
DPW Air Conditioning and Heating Systems within Barracks have pre-set thermostats. These settings meet current Army standards and cannot be adjusted. Exterior doors and window blinds should remain shut/pulled to maximize the efficiency of the cooling systems and to save energy. Aluminum Canopies above exterior doors on Barracks and Latrines are installed to provide overhead shelter at the entry doors in the event of inclement weather. These canopies are of light-weight construction and WILL NOT support the weight of an individual. They ARE NOT chin-up bars. If the using unit damages a canopy during an encampment or training event, the unit will be charged for the damage to include installation labor. Signs are posted within each barracks block stating “Emergency and Service Vehicles Only Beyond This Point”. NO vehicles are authorized beyond these sign locations. Violators (Military or POV Vehicles) will lose the privilege of parking near their facilities. All units are required to comply with post recycling requirements. Excavation Permits are required prior to ANY excavation or ground rod installation. CORRECT MAJ CARTER

9 Network Enterprise Center
NEC Available Wired Networks: GA Domain Active Duty Domains AWN Commercial Internet Requires a quote. Please provide number of lines required and what buildings. AR Network (Army Reserve) Brigade, Battalion and Company Buildings Connectivity Buildings are wired with network and phone lines. The phones have local access only but can be changed by calling or by Any changes to the current network must go through the GGTC NEC first. Wireless Availability – Available through out the entire post (Fee Based) Additional Support If you require additional support please contact SFC Brents, Christian @ or for more information. Need to update last bullet

10 Billeting & Protocol B&P
Contact the Billeting & Protocol Office if you know of any VIP’s (O-6 and above) who plan to visit your unit while here. CORRECT

11 Executive Assistant Mail deliver. To receive mail, please use the following address: GGTC ATTN: (Name/Unit) Building # _____ PO Box 466 Hinesville, GA The unit will need to provide the name/rank/telephone number of the individual authorized to pick-up their mail. If you haven’t already done so, please provide your unit crest via to so that we can print and place it on the wall in the Command Conference Center, building 9605. Must provide a point of contact and a manned 24 hour telephone number of a CQ or someone who can help provide assistance to Red Cross, family members, etc. CORRECT

12 Garrison CSM PT Zones – vehicle movement has been restricted in several areas of our area During PT hours (Mon – Fri, 0630 – 0730 hrs). This includes Worcestor and East Bultman Avenues. Parking of military vehicles – all tactical vehicles will be parked in the motor pool, secured, with drip pan and chock blocks. Movement in or around buildings is strictly prohibited. Parking of POV’s – POV’s will be parked in authorized POV parking areas only in a military manner. POV’s parked in violation of GGTC Command Policy and FSGA regulations will receive warnings by the GGTC staff, GGTC Security, or FSGA Military Police. Repeated warnings will result in being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. When in doubt, ask before you park. Police calls – should be conducted daily. All buildings and grounds will be kept neat and clean at all times. Smoking – smoking is prohibited in all buildings. Smoking is only authorized in designated smoking areas. CORRECT

13 Garrison CSM Reveille and Retreat – Reveille is played at 0630 hrs and Retreat is played at 1700 hrs. Ensure your Soldiers render appropriate honors when both are played. Speeding – Caution your Soldiers NOT to speed while on the reservation, they will be ticketed. Cell phone use and texting – Cell phone use is prohibited while operating a vehicle. NO texting while operating a vehicle. NO walking and talking on a cell phones. PT Uniform – The PT uniform is only authorized to wear during PT hours. NO PT uniforms will be worn in the AFFES, DFAC, or commercial establishments during duty hours. Marne Standards – A copy of the 3 ID Marne Standards has been provided in your binder. Make your Soldiers familiar with them. CORRECT

14 Thou Shalt’s… …not tamper with the thermostat’s in the buildings.
…only park POV’s in authorized areas. NOT next to enlisted barracks. …render appropriate honors to Reveille and Retreat. …not use the aluminum canopies above exterior doors on Barracks and Latrines as chin-up bars. …not use cell phones while operating a vehicle. NO texting while operating a vehicle. NO walking and talking or texting on a cell phones. …not dig or stake into the ground anything more than 6 inches without contacting the GGTC DPW first. Example…putting up a unit sign. …use our GGTC website to provide any feedback on how we can improve our operations or voice any concerns. CORRECT

15 Conclusion Please go to our website and under the Feedback tab make any recommendations or suggestions on how we can improve our operations for your next visit with us. Your comments will help justify getting those additional resources you may be asking to use. Don’t forget to use our website to book reservations for our facilities. Your stay with us is important and we will do everything we can to make it a safe and productive environment for you and your Soldiers. CORRECT

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