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Garrett Park Elementary School Safety Information Meeting September 24, 2008.

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1 Garrett Park Elementary School Safety Information Meeting September 24, 2008

2 Meeting Outcomes Explain the function of the On-Site Emergency Team. Provide an overview of MCPS emergency procedures. Explain key points of Code Red and Code Blue procedures. Explain Shelter-in-Place and Parent/Child Reunification Plans.

3 OSET Stands for On-Site Emergency Team Is a nationally recognized organizational and management tool used by MCPS Has identified members Calls for all available staff (those without students) Activated by the incident commander (administrator or teacher-in-charge)

4 Code Blue Used to alert staff that an emergency/crisis exists at or near an MCPS facility Requires students to be accounted for and under adult supervision OSET will be activated via a PA announcement or through walkie- talkies Classroom instruction continues once all students have been accounted for and when it is deemed safe to continue with normal activities Depending on situation – Fire watch may be established or adults are posted at stations to assist with supervision of students as they move throughout the building – Classroom doors may be locked – Students will be asked to remain in their classrooms – Staff outside will be asked to move inside – Staff and parent helpers may be called to monitor the front door

5 Code Blue Procedures for Teachers Classroom Teachers _____bring outside students in _____re-assure students that they are safe _____email attendance to the Outlook Garrett Park Private folder, _____continue classroom instruction _____restrict hallway use until safe to do so (a member of the OSET team, usually the principal will let you know when it is safe to use the hallway, then supervise hallway use _____ignore bells _____evacuate if the fire alarm sounds _____wait for further instructions If the Montgomery Child Care Association at Garrett Park Needs to Move In _____ media center and computer lab activities will immediately be cancelled If the Garrett Park Co-Op Nursery Needs to Move in _____ media center and computer lab activities will immediately be cancelled

6 Code Red Alerts staff that imminent danger exists inside or outside the building Requires moving to an immediate lockdown mode Staff makes the room look unoccupied by pulling down blinds, turning off lights, and moving away from windows and doors and remaining silent Requires that students are accounted for and under supervision Attendance is reported when it is safe to do so Staff supervising students outside when an emergency occurs inside the building are notified via a walkie-talkie and instructed to move students to our holding sites

7 Code Red Procedures for Teachers Classroom Teachers _____If you are outside, take students to one of the holding sites _____Stay calm and reassure students that they are safe _____Do a quick hall sweep (and a bathroom check) and LOCK YOUR DOORS bring classes with a substitute into your class (if they do not have a key to lock the door) – use your best judgment _____Make the rooms look and sound unoccupied _____All students must be silent _____Cover windows, close blinds _____Turn off lights _____Move students away from doors and windows, students may sit on floors _____Everyone should remain quiet and hidden _____When safe to do so, email attendance to Garrett Parks Outlook private folder _____If you do not have students, let us know your location by entering it in the subject line _____Ignore bells _____IGNORE THE FIRE ALARM UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO EVACUATE BY AN OSET MEMBER OR A UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICER _____Remain calm and wait for further instructions

8 Code Blue Shelter-in-Place Used to describe an enhanced level of Code Blue due to an emergency/crisis near the building-dismissal will not occur as scheduled Could be a weather-related emergency or a suspected chemical/biological/radiological incident Doors and windows are secured/locked. Students are brought into the main building from outdoor activities. Depending on the situation, electrical power is shut off to ensure immediate shutdown of HVAC. A Fire Watch might be established.

9 Parent/Child Reunification A specific plan designed to reunite students with their parents/guardians in the event of an emergency/crisis at the school. Its purpose is to ensure safe and orderly reuniting of students and parents/guardians. Signs will be posted showing the location (APR). Staff will be stationed to explain procedures parents need to follow.

10 Parent/Child Reunification Procedures: Parents enter the reunification area through the APR Parents fill out card with students and the parents names. Have a picture identification ready to show. You must be named on the students Emergency Authorization Form or Emergency Yellow Sheet to pick up student(s). Once approved, staff will retrieve the student(s). Parent/guardian will sign the student(s) out. When student arrives, exit through doors by the staff lounge.

11 General Emergency Procedures: Make school-wide announcement Call 911 if need be Call OSP, Garrett Park Day Care, Nursery School, Holy Cross School, PTA President, Garrett Park Town mayor Establish Command Post Building Service Notification-Perimeter doors locked Post Code Blue or Red Signs if possible Account for all in building and share next steps

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