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A Knowledge Innovation TM Project Proposal for ( Leaders of the Future ) 26/6/2005, RITSEC.

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1 A Knowledge Innovation TM Project Proposal for ( Leaders of the Future ) 26/6/2005, RITSEC

2 Thank you The following course work and project proposal was created as part of the KEN Practitioner Certification Course delivered at RITSEC, Cairo in collaboration with Entovation Internation Ltd. The Knowledge Innovation Assessment Methodology was developed and is copyrighted by Debra M. Amidon ( A special thank you for their support is given to (alphabetically listed by given name): –The Egyptian Ministry of Administrative Development –RITSEC Management u Hisham Sherif u Mahmood Rezk u Effat El-Shooky –RITSEC Staff u Amin Lotfy (Local project management and facilitation) u Ahmed Sobky (Local project management and facilitation) u Neven Noshy (Local IT support) u Sophia Korayem (Local project management) –International supporters u Debra Amidon, Entovation International Ltd (Content expert) u Oliver Schwabe, Eurofocus International Consultants Ltd, (Facilitator) –and the whole participant group

3 The Wings of Birds

4 The Wings of Plane

5 The Wings of Angel

6 The wings of innovation

7 Introduction The role of the department of political communication is to cooperating with parliament members in : 1. Services related to ministry projects (like youth centers construction,"know your country" project (trips all over Egypt),youth parliament, pioneers parliament ….etc. 2. Employment services in youth centers.

8 Executive Summary The problem: We need to: The first wing: Improve the services (less time, more quality) The second wing: Enlarge the role of the department.

9 Executive Summary The solution The first wing: To Improve the services. present the services through website & depending on database The second wing: Enlarge the role of the department. Develop new programs We have to

10 Executive Summary The expected financial values FINANCIAL resources through the commercials establishing on website. Grants from the foreign partner(s) abroad and sponsors in our country which can use it for training program. Small fees from the participant. Reducing the time and the cost of the services we present. Reducing the time spend for searching for the data and information.

11 Executive Summary The expected non-financial values Building new community of innovation (cadres for future). Awareness about the relation between (us and the others). Rationalization in decision making. Flexibility in decision taking. More Transparency in parliament role. Trust in the capabilities. Responsibility implicit toward the country. Sponsoring from civil society organizations. Communication between the participants. Experience form the foreign partner(s). Responsibility TOWARD our country to be good representatives. Customers satisfaction as a result of speedy services. Extended services via web.

12 Executive Summary The required resources Good negotiators. Representatives with language skills. Part of the budget of youth and pioneers parliament project. Grants from businessmen associations. HR resources. IT team (web site +Database) IT infrastructure( server + Computers ) Sponsors support. Media support.

13 Time 3 month for preparation 9 month to begin work

14 Project Description The first wing The parliament member work as interest group ( to the department of political communication) to achieve their demands from the ministry. The ministry follow up their demands and present this services in a good way but using the traditional way of follow up and traditional mail to inform them about the response of their demands. To improve this services, we have to: 1. set mail box (E.MAIL) for each parliament member to follow up their demands. 2. identify contact person(s) in both ministry of youth and parliament to be responsible for follow up the demands and inform about its progress using websites and E.MAILS.

15 Project Description The second wing Ministry of youth present (youth parliament,pioneers parliament project). This project id a kind of simulation for the Egyptian parliament....but it sill a simulation…just a tool of training. This developing of the project concerns the future of the youth, pioneers parliament project members future and how to capitalize on the experience of then which they gain through simulation. To improve this services, we have to: 1. With regards to pioneers, they will train (work) in the committees of the people council. 2. With regards to youth, they will train (work) in both of the committees of the shura council and also with shura council members (because most of shura council members are professors in university and they had the practical and academic experience,i.e. faculty of law students can work with the shura council members lawyers, political department students can work with their counterparts members and so on.

16 The Detailed Results Collaborative Process 4.38.3 Performance Measures38.15 Education / Development3.258.2 Learning Network3.88.6 Market Positioning3.78.4 Products / Services28 Market Penetration3.48.1 Market Image3.28.7 Leadership / Leverage3.28.2 Technology / Internet3.68.7

17 The Assessment Results

18 Birds with feathers flock together?? Involve in your society issues Collaborative Process Evaluation & Follow up Link (EFL) Performance Measures Extended Education Unit (EEU) Education / Development New Era Protocols Learning Network Information For All Market Positioning NEW GENAERATION Products / Services Cooperation NOT competition Market Penetration New VISION. Market Image Discriminating leader committee Leadership / Leverage KEEP IN TOUCH !!!!!! Technology / Internet

19 Leader of the Future

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