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Living circumstances of young and old people in our region 2 4ave Euro Club.

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2 Living circumstances of young and old people in our region 2 4ave Euro Club

3 If we compare our living conditions with the ones of our grandparents we can say that there was a great improvement in what concerns life in general. 3 4ave Euro Club

4 We now have better education, better housing facilities, better working conditions and better leisure opportunities. 4 4ave Euro Club

5 Youngsters can make a series of choices their grandparents couldn't and they have things their ancestors didn´t even dream about. 5 4ave Euro Club

6 But they also live difficult times with the lack of jobs (we live in an industrial region that is seriously affected by unemployment ) and a competitive labour market and the psychological and family problems they create. 6 4ave Euro Club

7 Presently, we are too worried to succeed in a competitive world, in having material things and we forget family ties and relationships. 7 4ave Euro Club

8 A great percentage of older people live completely alone and many times in poor conditions. 8 4ave Euro Club

9 Our national and local authorities and associations are trying to end this trend by establishing projects to fight solitude in old age and to support an active ageing. 9 4ave Euro Club

10 One of those projects is a partnership between local authorities and universities that allows students to live in real homes instead of university residences and helps older people to feel less lonely. 10 4ave Euro Club

11 Another one is Universidade Senior whose goal is to provide older people an active life and to allow them to participate in leisure, social and cultural activities. 11 4ave Euro Club

12 And of course, there are also many projects regarding home care and helping with daily chores provided by the National Health Care Centres or by private charity associations (many of them set up by groups of youngsters). 12 4ave Euro Club

13 So, there is a generation gap. The differences between young people and the elderly exist, but nowadays there´s an attempt to make them disappear. An attempt to allow older people to continue to exercise their competence, to enjoy respect and esteem, and to maintain or establish supportive and caring relationships…. 13 4ave Euro Club

14 because… 14 4ave Euro Club

15 15 4ave Euro Club Thank you for your attention!

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