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New York State.

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1 New York State

2 What is geography? It is the study of the Earth and the ways people use it. It includes: mountains valleys rivers deserts oceans people

3 They are the natural shapes on the Earth’s surface.
Landforms They are the natural shapes on the Earth’s surface. plateaus hills plains canyons

4 Mount Marcy The highest peak in New York State
Located in the Adirondack Mountains

5 Glaciers They are massive sheets of ice.
Glaciers covered NY during the Ice Age. They caused changes to the land by rounding off the tops of hills and carving deep valleys.

6 It is the first New York State park. It is shared with Canada.
Niagara Falls It is the first New York State park. It is shared with Canada.

7 Finger Lakes Look like fingers
There are gorges located near them. A gorge is a valley with steep, rocky sides.

8 Adirondack Park one of the biggest parks in the nation
located in he northeast part of the state thick forests home to many animals – beavers, porcupines, bobcats, moose, bears

9 Hudson River begins in the Adirondack Mountains and flows to the Atlantic Ocean tributaries –streams or rivers that flow into a larger river estuary – an arm of the sea

10 Montauk Point The eastern tip of Long Island Sandy beaches
Montauk Point Lighthouse

11 Hemisphere Half of the earth Eastern and Western Hemispheres
Northern and Southern Hemispheres New York State is located in the Northern Hemisphere. It is located in the Western Hemisphere.

12 Continents Largest land areas on Earth Asia Africa North America
Antarctica South America Europe Australia

13 Regions An area with features that make it different from other areas
Southwest –canyons and deserts West – high mountain ranges Midwest – grassy plains Southeast – the Everglades Northeast – Cape Cod and places by the coast

14 Regions of New York based on
physical features like the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region human features – something built by people like cities –the New York City and Long Island region culture – a group of people’s way of life – a farming region

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