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GEO-BOWL All Grades “We play mind games.” This part of a map tells what the map is about. Title.

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2 GEO-BOWL All Grades “We play mind games.”

3 This part of a map tells what the map is about. Title

4 Bowl shaped area of land surrounded by higher land Basin

5 A very tall hill; highest land on earth Mountain

6 This part of the map is a pointer that shows the four cardinal directions. Compass rose

7 Narrower part of an ocean or lake that cuts into land bay

8 Narrow channel or path through a mountain range Mountain pass

9 Narrow waterway dug across land mainly for ship travel canal

10 Long row of mountains Mountain range

11 Steep narrow valley with high sides Canyon

12 What are the four cardinal directions? North, South, East and West

13 Steep falling of water from a higher to a lower place Waterfall

14 Place where a river empties into another body of water mouth

15 What are the intermediate directions? Pointers halfway between the cardinal directions (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest)

16 Steep wall of rock or earth, sometimes called a bluff Cliff

17 Any of the four (or five) largest bodies of water on Earth Ocean

18 A small drawing or field of color on a map that stands for something else. Symbol

19 Land at the edge of a large body of water such as an ocean Coast

20 Pointed top of a mountain Peak

21 This part of the map tells what each symbol on the map stands for. Key

22 Area of flat land along an ocean or sea Coastal plain

23 Land with water on three sides Peninsula

24 Triangle shaped area of land at the mouth of a river Delta

25 This type of map shows routes between towns and cities in a state or country. Road map

26 This part of a map allows you to estimate real distance on the map. Scale

27 Very large area of flat land Plain

28 Very dry, barren land without trees Desert

29 A small map found within a main map, which shows where the subject of the main map can be found in a larger area Locator

30 High, wide area of flat land, with steep sides Plateau

31 Area along which rivers form waterfalls or rapids as the rivers drop to lower land Fall line

32 The height of land about sea level is called its ________. Elevation

33 Large area of flat land, with few ore no trees, similar to a plain Prairie

34 Flat land, near a river, that is formed by dirt left by floods Floodplain

35 A small map within a main map, used to show details not possible to be seen on the larger map. inset

36 This type of map shows the world’s or a country’s time zones. Time zone map

37 Large stream of water leading to a lake, other river, or ocean River

38 Hilly land at the bottom of a mountain foothills

39 The half spheres that Earth is commonly divided into. Hemispheres

40 Land at a river’s edge Riverbank

41 Giant sheet of ice that moves very slowly across land Glacier

42 The United States (and Indiana) are located in what two hemispheres. Northern and Western

43 Large body of water somewhat smaller than an ocean Sea

44 This type of map shows landforms and bodies of water. Physical map

45 Body of water, smaller than a bay, with land around part of it Gulf

46 An ocean’s surface, compared to which land can be measured either above or below Sea level

47 Sheltered body of water where ships safely tie up to land harbor

48 Place where a river begins Source

49 Which of the imaginary lines used to help find locations on Earth run east to west? They measure degreed north and south a location is. They run parallel to the equator. Lines of latitude or parallels Why are they called parallels?

50 Hill Rounded land higher than the land around it

51 Very shallow water covering low land filled with trees and other plants Swamp

52 Narrow strip of water running from a large body of water either into land or between islands Inlet

53 What line of latitude is located at 0°? Equator

54 Stream or river that runs into a larger river Tributary

55 Land with water all around it Island

56 Low land between mountains or hills Valley

57 This type of map shows locations of countries, states, and cities. Political map

58 Large body of water with land all or nearly all around it Lake

59 What are the imaginary lines used to help us find locations on Earth that run in a north-south direction? They measure how many degrees east or west a location is. Lines of longitude or meridians

60 Mountain with an opening at the top, formed by violent bursts of steam and hot rock Volcano

61 Flat-topped hill, with steep sides Mesa

62 The line of longitude that is at 0° is called __________. Prime meridian


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