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Grade 6 Phrases & Clauses.

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1 Grade 6 Phrases & Clauses

2 Phrases A group of related words Used as a single part of speech
Does not contain both a subject & verb Cannot stand alone as a sentence

3 Phrases & Prepositions
You MUST know prepositions ! Prepositions are words that show relationships between other words in the sentence Memorize the chart on page 109 –this is just a sample of prepositions you must know

4 Prepositional phrases
Show a relationship between the noun or pronoun and the sentence Includes the preposition, object, and modifiers A phrase have more than one object The phrase may appear anywhere in the sentence

5 Finding a prepositional phrase
Know the prepositions! Check out Google, or other sites and read, read, read about prepositions Find the “Preposition Song” sung to the tune of Yankee doodle !

6 Finding the prepositional phrase
L K for the preposition in the sentence Back up to find a noun Move forward to find the object Example: The tree in front of the window blocks our view. noun prep object ASK? What blocks our view? The tree. Where is it? IN FRONT of the window is the prepositional phrase.

7 Adjective phrases A prepositional phrase that modifies a noun or pronoun Used as an adjective Answers : What kind? Which one? How many? How much? Generally follows the word it modifies Can be located anywhere in the sentence

8 Multiple modifiers More than one adjective phrase can modify the same noun or pronoun Example: That painting of sunflowers by van Gogh is famous. modifies painting modifies painting

9 Adverb phrases A prepositional phrase that modifies a verb, adverb, or adjective Used as an adverb Answers: when, where, why, how, how often, how long? May appear anywhere in the sentence Can be before, after or in between the words it modifies

10 Finding Adverb phrases
Find the preposition Ask the adverb questions Example: Success is just around the corner. prep ask? WHERE is success? Around the corner

11 Objects and adverbs Remember to include the helping verbs when modifying a verb Adverb and adjective phrases can work together Sometimes and adjective phrase will modify the OBJECT of the prep in an adverb phrase Example: Yesterday, we went to an exhibit of rare coins. Modifies went modifies exhibit

12 CLAUSES A group of words that contains a verb and its subject
Can be used as a sentence or part of a sentence Does not express a complete thought (subordinate or dependent) Expresses a complete thought (independent) Signal words: page 136 in your book! Memorize these words!

13 Adjective clauses Used as an adjective Modifies a noun or pronoun
Contains a subject & verb Usually follows the word it modifies Tells what kind? Which one?

14 Adverb clauses Used as an adverb Modifies a verb, adverb, adjective
Contains a subject & verb Usually follows the word it modifies Answers: how, when, where, why, how long, how much, under what condition? Can be anywhere in the sentence, usually next to the word it modifies.

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