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What is Balanced Literacy? and What does it mean for my Kindergartener?

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1 What is Balanced Literacy? and What does it mean for my Kindergartener?

2 Why Balanced Literacy? Involves several methods of teaching reading and writing: whole class instruction, small group instruction and independent work. Integrates a variety of approaches which naturally allows for a balanced to be achieved; in turn, students learn to read, make meaning from text and become proficient writers and spellers.

3 What Constitutes a Balanced Literacy Program? Reading Workshop Writing Workshop Word Study Word Study Shared Reading Shared Writing Guided Reading Interactive Writing Read Aloud/ Modeled Reading Guided Writing Independent Reading Independent Writing Conferences Conferences Sharing Sharing

4 Word Study Opportunities for students to manipulate words and parts of words in meaningful and enjoyable activities and games. Students participate in active problem solving activities.

5 Read Aloud/ Modeled Reading Demonstrates proficient reading Expands access to text beyond child’s abilities Exposes children to variety of genres

6 Shared Reading Teacher and student read text together. Sense of story or content is developed. Reading strategies are modeled and taught. (predicting, questioning, connecting, visualizing, inferring, determining important information) Fluency and phrasing are developed. Comprehension is increased. Understanding of reading process is extended.

7 Guided Reading Teacher introduced a selection at student’s instructional level. Teacher reinforces skills. Teacher engages child in questioning and discussions. Child does the reading. Child practices the strategies. Child builds independence.

8 Independent Reading Child chooses the text (IPICK). Child practices at his/ her own level. Strategic reading is encouraged. Comprehension is increased. Experiences with a variety if written texts are extended. Reading for enjoyment and information is promoted. Fluency is developed. Students will increase their stamina.

9 Conferences Teacher and student meet regularly to discuss reader’s notebook and writer’s notebook. Critical thinking is promoted. Teacher closely monitors student’s reading and writing.

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