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NCAA Division I Progress Toward Degree

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1 NCAA Division I Progress Toward Degree

2 Overview Basic Requirements for practice/competition Academic year requirements Progress-toward-graduation requirements Case Study Questions

3 Requirements for Practice/Competition
Enrolled in full-time program of study leading to a baccalaureate degree. Competition: Enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours, regardless of the institution’s definition of full-time enrollment. NCAA Division I Bylaws and

4 Eligibility for Competition-Exceptions
Final Semester: Enrolled in courses necessary to complete degree requirements as certified by the Office of the Registrar. Competition while enrolled in graduate program: Enrolled in a full-time graduate program as defined by the institution. NCAA Division I Bylaws and

5 Good Academic Standing
Determined by the institution for all students. August 9, 1995 interpretation: Definition of good academic standing applied to student-athletes shall be a standard at least as demanding as the minimum standard applied to all students in order to participate in extracurricular activities at that institution. NCAA Division I Bylaws and

6 Progress Toward Degree
Designed to move SA toward graduation within five years of full-time enrollment Ensures SA is functioning as student during each academic year Exceptions and waivers are available (to be discussed at another time) NCAA Division I Bylaws 14.4

7 Progress Toward Degree
Academic year credit-hour requirement: Six-hour requirement each term 18-/27-hour requirement each academic year Progress toward graduation benchmarks: 24-/36-hour requirement Percentage of degree requirements (40%/60%/80%) GPA requirements (90%/95%/100%)

8 Six-Hour Requirement Must earn a minimum of six-semester or six quarter hours of academic credit during the preceding regular academic term in which the student-athlete has been enrolled full time at any collegiate institution. NCAA Division I Bylaw (c)

9 18-Hour / 27-Hour Requirement
Must earn 18 semester hours or 27 quarter hours of academic credit since the beginning of the previous fall term or since the beginning of the certifying institution’s preceding regular two semesters or three quarters. Hours earned during the summer/winter terms may not be used to fulfill this requirement. Will be certified before the start of the next academic year. NCAA Division I Bylaw (b)

10 24-/ 36- Hour Requirement Must earn 24 semester or 36 quarter hours of academic credit before the start of the SA’s second year (third semester/fourth quarter) of collegiate enrollment. Credits can be applicable to any degree. Credits from summer prior to and summer after first year of collegiate enrollment may be included. NCAA Division I Bylaw (a)

11 Remedial Courses Restricted to counting six hours of remedial credits toward the credit hour requirement. May only be counted toward the 6, 18, or 24 hour requirements if completed during the first academic year of enrollment. (These credits will not count toward PTD percentages (40/60/80) If SA is required to take more than six hours of these types of courses, they may not be included in counting toward the credit hour requirements. NCAA Division I Bylaw

12 Hours Earned Degree Credit
Must designate degree program by the beginning of the third year of collegiate enrollment (fifth semester/seventh quarter). At the start of the third year of enrollment, all credits used to satisfy progress-toward-degree credit hour requirements (i.e., six hour rule, 18/27) must count toward designated degree. NCAA Division I Bylaw

13 Progress Toward Graduation Requirements
Must complete the following percentage-of-degree requirements: Before start of third year – 40% Before start of fourth year – 60% Before start of fifth year – 80% Example: (degree hours completed) 122 (degree hours required) = 59.8% SA has not completed 60% of the degree – do NOT round up. NCAA Division I Bylaw

14 Grade-Point Average Requirements
Must meet G.P.A. benchmarks before the start of each regular academic term. Before the start of the second year – 90% Before the start of the third year – 95% Before the start of the fourth year and beyond – 100% G.P.A. requirement based on minimum G.P.A. required for graduation. NCAA Division I Bylaw

15 Baseball Eligibility Must meet all progress-toward-degree benchmarks at the beginning of the institution’s fall term. If a student-athlete is not eligible, they do not have an opportunity to “get well.” Effective August 2008. NCAA Division I Bylaws and

16 Reclassification Exception
For student-athletes who are completing their final season of competition and were enrolled at the institution at least one year prior to the institution entering year one of reclassification process. NCAA Division I Bylaw

17 Case Study – Sarah Callaway
Callaway is a women’s golf SA. She initially enrolled fall 2009. Is Callaway meeting credit-hour requirements for fall 2010? Fall Spring Summer 13 hours attempted 10 hours earned ?? 12 hours attempted 3 hours earned 6 hours attempted 6 hours earned

18 Case Study – Sarah Callaway
24-/36-hour requirement: No, Callaway earned 19 hours 18-/27-hour requirement: No, Callaway earned 13 hours Six-hour requirement: No, Callaway earned 3 hours in the 2010 spring term

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