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LOS RIOS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Intercollegiate Athletics Programs Proposal for Student Athlete Priority Registration.

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1 LOS RIOS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Intercollegiate Athletics Programs Proposal for Student Athlete Priority Registration

2 PROPOSAL for Student Athlete Priority Registration Register immediately after.5 priority (following grad & transfer students) –.75 designation Granted only to student-athletes meeting stated criteria and coded as student athletes in People Soft. Granted to first-term student athletes if they have completed the Matriculation Process. Allowable for gray-shirt student athletes (those needing remedial courses) if they have completed the Matriculation Process and have been noted in People Soft after Eligibility Meeting.

3 Student-Athlete CRITERIA for Priority Registration 1. An active member of a team On a official team roster Coded as student-athlete in People Soft. 2.Eligible for competition per CCCAA requirements, including but not limited to: Must be actively and continuously enrolled in a minimum of 12 units during the season of sport. Of the 12 units, at least 9 units shall be attempted in courses counting toward the associate degree, remediation, transfer, and/or certification as defined by the college catalog, and are consistent with the athletes educational plan. Student athletes that do not meet stated criteria will be taken off the priority registration list for the following registration period and will not be given priority until they have met the requirements. This list is updated each semester as follows: –Fall Semester: November 1 st –Spring Semester: April 1 st

4 Student-Athlete CRITERIA for Priority Registration Continuing student athletes will receive priority if they meet the CCCAA Second Season of Sport eligibility requirements: Bylaws 1.3.1 and 1.3.3 mandate that all student athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units in order to be eligible to participate. Further, 9 of the 12 units need to be attempted in courses other than Kinesiology/Physical Education activity courses. Example of Mandated Rules for Second Season of Sport –Prior to the first day of the semester in which the sport is conducted, the student athlete must have passed 24 units with a minimum 2.0 GPA and, 18 of those units must be considered academic work (i.e. no activity, work experience or field study courses).

5 Student-Athlete CRITERIA for Priority Registration ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS 1.They must have an updated Student Educational Plan on file prior to the completion of their first season of competition (CCCAA mandated). 2.They must have turned in a minimum of two grade checks per semester (LRCCD Board Policy). 3.Any individual student athlete may receive Priority Registration for a maximum of six terms. 4.If a student competed in any other intercollegiate sport prior to his or her first season of participation in the current sport, he or she must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA starting the term of their first intercollegiate sport.

6 Demonstration of Student-Athlete Need NCAA Division-I 5-year clock –5 calendar yrs to complete 4 seasons –Clock starts as soon as the student becomes a fulltime college student. Must pass 6 units of transferable English courses and 3 units of transferable Math to meet NCAA transfer eligibility requirements. Must earn AA/AS degree in 5 semesters or less –The large majority of student-athletes come to Community College because they did not meet NCAA requirements out of high school. Therefore they MUST earn an AA degree to be athletically eligible for Division-I 40/60/80 Progress Toward Degree rule –Students must have a certain number of degree applicable units passed at the end of the their 4 th, 6 th, and 8 th full time terms. –Extremely difficult to meet 6 th semester requirement while still at community college (60%of degree completion) so the goal is to help student matriculate and transfer BEFORE they trigger that 6 th term.

7 Other Obstacles… Compressed Calendar / Practice Time Restraints Reduction in course offerings Current Priority Registration process All have made it even more difficult for student athletes to enroll in the degree applicable courses they need to make Satisfactory Progress towards their educational objectives (as indicated on their Educational Plan) ** Increasing NCAA Academic Standards (Academic Reform) Forthcoming legislation includes an increase in GPA minimum, an increase in degree applicable coursework completed.

8 Obstacles Example : As of 1/7/11, SCC had 414 active student- athletes. 149 out of the 414 were not able to initially enroll into the units needed for them to participate in intercollegiate athletics per the CCCAA (California Community College Athletic Association) rules. This ratio (149/414) signifies that 35.9% of our student athletes were not able to successfully register for the minimum number and type of units that are required by the CCCAA. This number did NOT include any student-athletes that transferred out of SCC or were dropped for non-payment. All had registered and were on waiting lists for the balance of the required units. Example : A Student Athlete in Los Rios had to register for a specific Math class, and by his registration date/time, the district only had one left and it was offered on a Tuesday night. He took the class so he could transfer on time, but had to miss his Tuesday night games (5 total).

9 Adverse Consequences of Current Registration Process Student Athletes are forced to enroll in classes so they can reach the 12 unit minimum needed for athletic eligibility. This artificial enrollment in units that do not contribute to a student athletes educational objective creates a structural barrier for their success and goes against the intent of the educational plan and our mission within Los Rios. Students are not able to matriculate within timeline allowable by NCAA, and are therefore not eligible for scholarship aid that would grant them opportunities to attend four year institutions.



12 Typical Items Addressed During Counseling Appointments Are you a qualifier or non-qualifier? What is your educational goal? How long do you want to be at Los Rios to obtain that goal? Have you completed the on-line NCAA Eligibility Center registration? Did you graduate from high school? Did you take the SAT/ACT? What was your General Education core GPA? Are you a local student athlete? Have you completed all areas of Matriculation?

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