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Blogging in the K-12 Classroom Presented by Brynn Beavers CIED 7160.

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1 Blogging in the K-12 Classroom Presented by Brynn Beavers CIED 7160

2 What is blogging? The term blog comes from the term weblog, which is a web-publishing tool that allows the author to post text, images, links to other Web sites or other blogs. A blog is like an online journal or diary, the text that is published is called a post. Each post is dated and can be commented on by other people, not just the author. (Crie, 2010)

3 Terms to know: Blogger= any contributor to a blog Blogging= the process of maintaining or creating a blog multi-blogging= an online “conversation” between more than one blog (Crie, 2010)

4 Why Blog? Blogs may also have more than just text, pictures, graphics and media files, like movie clips can also be posted. Many blogs have navigational tools that are similar to Web sites. They are easily changed and updated, allowing for easy use. (Crie, 2010)

5 What websites can be used to blog in the classroom? Edublog Classblogger WordPress Glogster (not exactly set up like a traditonal blog, but allows student to make interactive posters that can be shared and commented on) Blogmeister These are just some of the most popular. Each has advantages and disadvantages for implementation in the classroom.

6 Steps to setting up a blog: 1 st : Find a FREE blogging site. 2 nd : Provide a username and password. Be cautious in choosing a password! Password hint: Find a phrase you can remember, for example, My best friend in high school was Mary. The password would be: MbfihswM.

7 Software applications and widgets that can be used while blogging.

8 What are some uses of blogging in the classroom? Motivating for students Easily accessible, can be used from school or home Allow for parental involvement in the classroom Rewarding for students to see their work published Build reading and writing skills Promotes higher level thinking, reflection and analysis of concepts

9 How do we implement blogging into the classroom appropriately? Use the Acceptable Use Policy or AUP in your county as a guideline! Make sure you and your students know what is appropriate and what is not to post. Teach students how to use the blog BEFORE you implement it in your classroom.

10 Who is blogging? Teachers are blogging to share experiences and resources. Students are blogging about topics in class. Administrators are blogging about their leadership roles. Leaders in the education and technology fields are blogging about new resources.

11 Examples of blogging sites

12 Leaders in the Education and Technology field ◦Steve Dembo: Teach 42 ◦David Warlick: 2 cents worth












24 Now it’s time to play...

25 References: Crie, M. (2010). Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom. Retrieved February 15, 2010, from Teaching Today:

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