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EQ What is an ecosystem? Sit in the same number Warmup.

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1 EQ What is an ecosystem? Sit in the same number Warmup.
What are five things you’d expect to see in nature? What makes a habitat?

2 What is ecology? The Study of Ecosystems So what is an ecosystem!

3 Careers Ecologists, Doctors Disease specialists Forestry
Wildife management

4 Protecting Environment

5 Clean Water

6 Keeping Nature Alive

7 What do we learn?

8 Interactions Parasites

9 Predator Prey

10 Food and energy needs What do organisms need to survive?
How do organisms get what they need?

11 Food Chains How do food chains work

12 Nutrient Cycles How do nutrients move in an ecosystem. Decomposers

13 Biomes Learn about the different biomes in the world.
Deserts, Icy tundra, Ocean

14 Discussion What are 5 things you would expect to see in nature
What is an ecosystem?

15 Posters List as many important factors and characteristics of an ecosystem as you can Come up with a definition of an ecosystem. Important Characteristics: .

16 Two Groups Come up with two groups you can fit everything from your ecosystem into.

17 Biotic vs Abiotic

18 How can we add biotic and abiotic to our definitions.
You definition should fit with the following official book definition: An ecosystem is an area with interacting biotic and abiotic factors

19 Make a list of biotic factors
Make a list of Abiotic factors How do they affect each other.

20 What is an ecosystem? Write four things you notice about this ecosystem


22 Ecosystems- What are the biotic and abiotic factors?


24 Summary What is an ecosystem?
What is the difference Between Biotic and Abiotic Homework Give a description of the ecosystem at home. Describe your house, your yard, your neighborhood etc. list 3 biotic and 3 abiotic factors and describe how at least one biotic and abiotic factor interact Safety contract

25 Rain forest Layers of living things Plants Water
Frogs have distress calls Ants are a population that depends on each other. Build a home in the soil Depend on leaves that grow fungus How did the snake stay safe? Where does the giant frog live? What are its adaptations that allow it to live in the tree?

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