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BookMania A View from a Cherry Tree. Words for Test Next WEEK!!! 2/14/2014 1.Motive 2.Diction 3.Naïve 4.Providence 5.Emerge 6.Prescribe 7.Resigned 8.

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1 BookMania A View from a Cherry Tree

2 Words for Test Next WEEK!!! 2/14/2014 1.Motive 2.Diction 3.Naïve 4.Providence 5.Emerge 6.Prescribe 7.Resigned 8. dictate 9.Exhibit 10. Manufacture 11. Auditory 12. Burden 13. Dissent 14. Consent 15. Dictator 16. Scribble 17. Rashly 18. Deport 19. Sensitize 20. specify

3 BookMania-Library Day Agenda 1/27/2014 EQ: What type of books are non- fiction, but are not a Biography? Library Day HW: Don’t forget to review vocabulary words, quiz this Friday. Wednesday Lab day, Project due tomorrow!!!!

4 BookMania Agenda 1/28/2014 EQ: Why did Rob decide to play a trick on Mrs. Calloway? BookMania-Silent Reading Passage Pairs-Complete Study Guide Questions Chapters 1-4 Hand in Reading Projects HW: Don’t forget to study vocabulary words!! Quiz this Friday What trick did Rob play on Mrs. Calloway and why?

5 Answer Rob put ketchup on his face and pretended to be dead at the bottom of her stairs. To get back at her for attacking SOB and him with the broom.

6 BookMania LAB TODAY 2/5/2014 Logon to USA Test Prep Take the Practice Reading Test #1- you can take this up to 3 times……. Go to Quizlet to practice Vocabulary Power Words #4 The highest score will be recorded for a classwork grade. HW: Review Vocabulary and don’t forget to study.

7 BookMania How does Rob feel in these first four chapters? What advise would you give him? Agenda 2/5/2014 EQ: What key strategies are important to reading? BookMania-Silent reading-your book today Finish Study Questions Chapters 1-4-ten minutes Read Chapter Five Character List HW: review vocabulary power #4, review questions-quiz tomorrow

8 BookMania How does the author create tone of suspense in the novel? Agenda 2/3/2014 EQ: How does the author create a feeling of suspense in the novel? BookMania-Silent Reading 2 Questions and check Read if time permits HW: Review words, go online and use Quizlet to study, complete homework.

9 She adds heightened suspense by ending the chapters on a HIGH note. She capitalizes on reader interest and then makes you wait. Choice of words.

10 BookMania Agenda 2/4/2014 EQ: What clues suggest that a serious incident is about to happen BookMania-Silent Reading 3 Finish Questions Chapters 1-4 Read Chapter 5 if time permits Quiz on Chapters 1-4 Wednesday, review and read. How does SOB ruin Rob’s prank?

11 SOB walks over and begins to lick Rob’s face. Then Darcy screams as she sees Rob

12 BookMania What characters would be considered Flat/Static? Round/Dynamic? Choose who fits in which category: Rob, Steve, Darcy, Max, Mrs. Calloway, Mrs. Mallory, SOB Agenda 2/6/2014 EQ: How are characters round? Flat? BookMania-Silent reading Quiz-check and turn in Turn in study guide questions Read: Chapter 5 HW: Study for vocabulary power #4 quiz, complete handout

13 BookMania Silent Reading TodayAgenda 2/7/2014 EQ: How does vocabulary help me in reading? Silent reading-write on BookMania Vocabulary Quiz today Continue to read Chapter 5 HW: work on words for test next week.

14 BookMania At the end of the chapter; what did Rob think he should do about Mrs. Calloway’s death? Agenda 2/10/2014 EQ: How has death changed the conflict in the novel? BookMania-silent reading: Winter Trip 1-5 Read: Chapter 6 page 61

15 Answer Rob thought that he should tell his Dad what he saw.

16 BookMania What do the police believe happened to Mrs. Calloway? Agenda 2/24/2014 EQ: How does Rob feel following the murder? BookMania/Silent reading-New Friends Review Vocabulary for test this Friday. Use Who is Dear Abby? Dear Aunt Blabby Read Chapter 7 HW: complete Vocabulary Power #5, review for test this Friday

17 Answer Mrs. Calloway accidentally died from a freak fall from the window.

18 BookMania What did Mrs. Calloway say just before she fell out the window to her death? Agenda 2/25/2014 EQ: What new concerns does Rob have? BookMania-silent reading Informational text Finish and share: Dear Aunt Blabby Reading Chapter 7-8 Character List HW: Unit Test on 20 words from Vocabulary Power

19 Answer “ “You must be crazy to think I would agree to that!”

20 BookMania Who finally listens to Rob’s story about Mrs. Calloway’s death? Agenda 2/26/2014 EQ: Can the plot have more than one climax? BookMania-silent reading today Detective Case Report-groups 15 minutes Finish Chapter 8 Questions chapters 5-8 HW: Study Vocabulary and remember your reading project is due this week.

21 Answer Derek-family friend

22 BookMania What is the reason behind the terrible smell in Rob’s room? Agenda 2/27/2014 EQ: Who are the suspects? BookMania-Silent Reading Passage Review-Vocabulary-tomorrow is the Unit TEST (45% of your grade) Questions chapters 5-8, chapter quiz on Monday so review your notes. HW: Review your notes and vocabulary

23 Answer A Dead Mouse is found in his room behind some furniture.

24 BookMania What happened when Rob and SOB are on the back porch???? Agenda 2/28/2014 EQ: How does vocabulary improve your reading? BookMania Vocabulary Unit 1-4 Test When finished work on Chapters 5-8 questions individually Handout: Vocabulary Power #6 due next Friday and quiz on these words. Words of change: Synonym's HW: Vocabulary Power #6 and independent reading. Review questions-Quiz Monday on Chapters 5-8

25 Answer Rob and SOB are SHOT AT!!!

26 BookMania Why is Rob unhappy about Neddy sleeping in his room? Agenda 3/3/2014 EQ: How has the Plot changed ? BookMania-3 Minutes from bell to review, get out Chapter 5-8 questions and turn in (put your name on it) Quiz Chapters 5-8 Plot Diagram-USE PENCIL and fill in as you can. Plot Discussion Reading Chapter 9-10 HW: Review notes and read

27 Answer Neddy wets the bed and tears up Robs favorite plane.









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