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SBBC’s Purchasing Card Rules and Regulations Training Program P-Card.

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1 SBBC’s Purchasing Card Rules and Regulations Training Program P-Card

2 TRAINING Purchasing (P-Card) Rules and Regulations Note: Click on each page to advance to the next page. Hit the back arrow to exit PowerPoint.

3 Lost or Stolen Cards Call Bank of America toll-free at 1-866-500-8262 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) P-Card

4 Cardholder Liability 1.It is a corporate charge card that does not affect the Cardholder’s personal credit. P-Card

5 Recommended Purchases 1.Subscriptions 2.Postage 3.Books, Printed Instructional Materials 4.Computer Software 5.Educational Tests 6.Classroom Supplies, including Art and Athletics 7.Film Processing 8.Office Supplies P-Card

6 Prohibited Purchases 1.Capital Items (any item whose cost exceeds $1,000) 2.Personal Transactions 3.Chemicals 4.Money Orders 5.Internal Funds (except Business Center) 6.Grants 7.Federal Funds P-Card

7 Prohibited Purchases, Con’t. 8.All Technology Equipment a)Computers b)Printers c)Office Machines P-Card

8 Spending Controls 1.Maximum purchase of $749.99 per line item. 2.Maximum total limit of $10,000 per month per card. P-Card

9 Sales Tax 1.SBBC is Tax Exempt and does not pay sales tax on any charge. 2.Tax Exemption number is provided by purchasing. P-Card

10 Bank Statements 1.Bank of America sends out statements between the 5 th and 10 th of each month. P-Card

11 Bank Reconciliation 1.Match all receipts with bank statement. 2.Get Signed approval by your Principal, Department Head or designee. 1 3.Make a copy of all paperwork for your records. 4.Send Original paperwork to purchasing. a)Attention: Carmelo Guerra P-Card 1 Hereafter collectively referred to as designee

12 Additional Information 1.Read the Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures Manual located on the purchasing website. P-Card

13 Additional Information 2.Contact Purchasing Card Administrator Carmelo Guerra a)Phone: 754-321-0526 b)E-Mail: P-Card

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