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University Travel Card Annual Training Program

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1 University Travel Card Annual Training Program
Click here for a Tutorial on using PowerPoint University Travel Card Annual Training Program Travel Card Coordinator Laverne Beasley Phone: (434) Note: All hyperlinks to cardholder resources will be provided at the end of this Training Program. If a hyperlink is used, you will need to use your BACK button to return to this presentation.

2 General Information The Travel Card is …
A program administered by the State Department of Accounts (DOA) A convenient means for charging travel-related expenses while conducting official University business OR reimbursable business and recruitment meals when the card holder is not in travel status A means for requesting Traveler Checks for business purposes prior to travel

3 Cardholder Benefits GE MasterCard Travel Card benefits include:
Travel accident insurance Baggage insurance Rental car insurance Roadside assistance Legal referral service Medical assistance A 24-hour hotline for travel assistance Note: These benefits are automatically available on all purchases made by using the Travel Card. More detailed benefits information is provided on the Revenue & Collections website under the Travel Card section.

4 Who is Eligible? Who is Eligible for this Program?
All University (Academic and Research Division) full-time faculty and classified staff who travel two or more times per year on University business Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center full-time faculty and classified staff who travel two or more times per year on University business Other University employees, such as part-time faculty and staff, teaching and research assistants and graduate students, require written approval Who is Not Eligible for this Program? Foundation employees UVA Wise and Medical Center employees may be eligible for their own program

5 Which purchases are allowed?
University Travel Card Training 4/1/2017 Which purchases are allowed? Travel Cards may only be used to pay for official University expenses relating to… reimbursable travel incurred while an employee is in travel status Such as: - Car Rental/Gas - Restaurant Meals Hotel Stays Parking and Tolls - Airline Tickets Conference Registration Fees Copying Services reimbursable business and recruitment meals regardless of whether you are or are not in travel status

6 Which purchases are NOT allowed?
University Travel Card Training 4/1/2017 Which purchases are NOT allowed? Purchases that are NOT allowed on the Travel Card include… Personal charges Such as: - ABC store purchases - Family Groceries - Other non-University expenses Non-meal business expenses while the cardholder is not in travel status - Copying Services - Express Mail - Books/Subscriptions Reminder: All purchases must comply with current State and University travel guidelines. These types of expenditures are cause for a Travel Card to be cancelled.

7 Cardholder Responsibilities
The Travel Card holder is PERSONALLY LIABLE for any charges made with their card, and will be billed directly by the credit card issuer for payment. The Travel Card is not a revolving credit card, so the cardholder must pay the bill in full within 30 days of the billing statement cutoff date, regardless of any disputed charges or whether reimbursement has been received. Travel Cards not paid within 60 days will be automatically suspended by the credit card issuer. The Travel Card must not be used to circumvent Procurement guidelines or when the Purchasing Card is the proper method of purchase. Travel purchases must comply with the State regulations in effect at the time of travel. Visit the Travel section of the Procurement Services website for up-to-date information. Whenever possible, travel reimbursement requests must be submitted with original receipts within one week of incurring the charge.

8 Travel Card Termination
A Travel Card will be cancelled if… The Travel Card has not been issued to the Cardholder within 2 months from the original notification of availability for pick up. It has been inactive for 12+ months. There has been improper use, such as: Personal use Business use when a purchase was not allowed (Reference Slide 6) when a Purchasing Card was the proper purchasing method The account has not been paid within 90 days of the due date. There is a consistent history of: Delinquent payments Returned Checks (Such as Non-Sufficient Funds) The Travel Card holder: Files for bankruptcy Exceeds the maximum charge limits Requests cancellation

9 Important Notes Employees who have had their card cancelled due to improper use or late payment will NOT be eligible for any travel advance funds from the University. Whenever possible, Airline Tickets and Conference Registration Fees should be paid for using a Purchasing Card as expenses will not be reimbursed until completion of the travel. When purchasing Airline Tickets within 7 days of travel, the traveler must use a card in his/her name. Airlines may require the physical card at the time of check in. Statements will be mailed to the address listed on the cardholder application. Card purchases will be audited by the Travel Card Coordinator monthly to ensure compliance. All purchases will also be continuously audited by the Department of Accounts (DOA) and possibly the Auditor of Public Accounts (APA). The monthly limit is automatically set at $3,000 unless another limit is requested with justification. Travel Cards must be returned to the Travel Card Coordinator upon request or termination of employment.

10 Traveler’s Checks Travel Card holders who are conducting overnight travel may request Traveler’s Checks for business use. Traveler’s Checks are available in the following package amounts: - $ $ $ $500 Traveler Check purchases in excess of $50 per day require additional justification, approved by your department head Note: This does not apply for athletic team travel. Traveler’s Checks may be purchased at the Cashier’s Office in Carruthers Hall during normal work hours. A Traveler’s Check request form must be completed and signed by the cardholder and Department Head prior to purchase. Employees taking day trips or who are not members of the Travel Card program are not eligible for Traveler’s Check purchases.

11 Card Issuance A Travel Card will not be issued to a cardholder until:
An original application has been received and approved by the Travel Card Coordinator. (You may have already completed this step.) 2. The cardholder has received credit for completing this training. To receive credit: Click here Login to NetBadge with your ID and password Agree that you have read and understand the training materials Click Submit 3. A cardholder agreement has been signed by the cardholder and received by the Travel Card Coordinator at the time of card issuance.

12 Cardholder Resources UVA – Revenue & Collections
our Travel Card Coordinator: Travel Card Policy: Traveler’s Checks: UVA – Procurement Services Information on the Current Travel Regulations: Goods & Services Procurement Guide: Purchasing Card Information

13 Cardholder Resources UVA – Other Departments
UVA Wise Travel Card Program: the Travel Card Coordinator at the Medical Center: GE MasterCard Customer Service: Online Account Access:

14 If you haven’t already done so… Click here to receive training credit.
Training Completion Thank you for completing the annual Travel Card Training Program! If you haven’t already done so… Click here to receive training credit.

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