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Lloyd Estates is Keen on Green. Why Green Output Reduction? Initiate Green Plan for Output Reduction Share resources available to Green Teams Articulate.

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1 Lloyd Estates is Keen on Green

2 Why Green Output Reduction? Initiate Green Plan for Output Reduction Share resources available to Green Teams Articulate ideas for networking & reallocating output devices Explore strategies to encourage process & culture changes

3 What Is The Carbon Footprint of an Output Device? 5%

4 Printers, Copiers or Paper? Fact: To kill a tree only takes the equivalent of 2 cases of paper or 20 reams –A standard ream of paper (8 1/2 x 11) weighs 5 pounds. For every two cases of paper, we literally have killed a tree –100 pounds of paper ( 2 cases) = 1 Tree 40 feet tall and 8 inches in diameter Fact: in 2007-2008 SBBC bought 86,000 cases of paper. That equals 43,000 trees To Go Green - we need to stop using so much paper!

5 The Real Problem – Think Before You Print or Copy!!! ?Do I really need to print out this email? ?Do I really need to print out this attachment? ?Did I already print this document? Im not sure, Ill just print it again…. ?Whose document is this mixed in with my stuff? 1 out of 5 pages is discarded unread. 1 of 6 Print jobs never picked up at the printer

6 The Solutions ?Do I really need to print out this email? ?Do I really need to print out this attachment? ?Did I already print this document? Im not sure, Ill just print it again…. ?Whose document is this mixed in with my stuff? No, CAB allows users to create folders and file email - up to 32,000 emails per person No, only print what you need today - youll most likely misplace it before you need it Take a walk to the printer and look - you could use the exercise Set-up mailboxes or security codes on shared devices

7 Green Document Creation Tips Less Color Less Shading Fewer Borders Multi-up Printing Print in Draft mode Print black/white Eliminate the quotes on your Email signatures One page forms Memos & attachments that fit on one page

8 Why Go Green in Schools? Fact: Twenty percent of the American population spends their days in school buildings. –Saving Earth won't happen in a laboratory. It'll happen in a classroom, where educators like you are teaching and modeling a new way of life that's practical, passionate, and positively awesome. –Green schools are also a great teaching tool. If we want children to learn that human beings have a responsibility to be good stewards of the environment, we have to teach them by example. Fact: Green schools protect the environment by reducing energy consumption an average of 33 percent. Over the lifespan of a school, this adds up to a lot of carbon emissions - and money.

9 Go Green Program for Output Reduction Go Green Program –Plan Development –Governing Principles Green Teams –All stakeholders represented Go Green Website – Promotional Campaign for Lexmark Printer

10 Output Management Program MarkVision Output Management Tool –Web-based application that recognizes all networked devices, including printers and copiers –TLCs taught to run MarkVision reports monthly to monitor usage - give reports to administration for data-based decision making –Can automatically reduce toner settings to save $$ and set defaults for duplexing –Assists with ordering toner supplies and inventory of output devices –See ETS Network Integration Training calendar for courses

11 Lexmark Printer Options Confidential Print - excellent for shared printers MFP - Fax Forwarding to CAB FAX Conference –Saves on paper –Increases accountability –Ensures confidentiality

12 Canon & Toshiba Copiers Establish user IDs and set limits Configure copiers with Address Groups and Mailboxes Configure copiers to send email notification to select staff when copiers jam, out of paper or need supplies Storage hard-drives for frequently used documents Right-size equipment - monthly minimums and pricing –See Copier Comparison Chart – Copier.m4v Copier.m4v

13 Green Strategies - Toner Purchase Manufacturer Certified Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Limit purchase of Toner/Ink supplies to High Yield Toner Cartridges to obtain best cost per page Recycling Toner Cartridges –Printer Recycling MemoPrinter Recycling Memo

14 Reduce Toner Cartridge Consumption Use high-yield cartridges to obtain best cost per page and reduce waste –New printers shipping with 32,000 page cartridges (6k + 25k) Lower default settings on toner for printers - (tested successfully at 5-6) –Extends the life of cartridges 15-20% Buy Remanufactured toner cartridges –(Average savings of 33% ) Lexmark Recycling Program –End User Loyalty Rebate - returns $$$,$$$ to district

15 Recycling Toner Lexmark End User Loyalty Agreement –Purchase & Recycling toner cartridges results in $$$,$$$$ returned to the District –Remanufactured Cartridges - Saves 33% in cost Toshiba Recycling: –Close the loop by recycling Toshiba Copier toner cartridges – ml ml reduce reuse recycle

16 Eliminating/Reducing Fax Technology Fax Forwarding to CAB Conferences –Request CAB Administrator to establish a site Fax Conference via email –Establish Conference Controller and back-up –Distribute incoming faxes to appropriate staff via email –Delete junk faxes Scan-to-email

17 Phase III - Process Change Lets look at what others are doing in their efforts to GO GREEN Make it a fun & engage everyone on staff Our School, our classroom, our lunchroom Teachers, Students & Parents

18 BCPS Goes Green Website support – Local Schools Go Green – va va NBC 6 Contest Design A Greener Future – Changing the Culture – rces.htm rces.htm

19 Faculty Eco-conscious Lounge Lounge a little First, stock the coffee pot with Fair Trade coffee for a jolt of eco-consciousness. crusade/ crusade/ Then, toss out the disposable cups and replace them with mugs. (Check out the provocative "global warming mug" from Uncommon Goods. It features a map of the Earth on its sides. Pour in hot coffee and watch the oceans rise.) http://www.uncommongoods.com And don't forget a stash of Fair Trade chocolate for planning periods. You can contribute to a good cause, raise funds for your school while enjoying your daily brew…..

20 Cool Schools Challenge Let's see….you drove a few miles to school this morning, stopped in the lounge to pour a cup of coffee and toss out your junk mail, then flipped on the fluorescents and heard the welcoming buzz of your classroom computers. Ready for the kids? Because they're here, and they have a message for you: "Stop consuming so much energy! Cool School Challenge aims to help teachers step more lightly on the Earth. The kids also remind staff to turn off lights during planning periods or sunny days, switch to reusable cups and water bottles, and recycle.

21 Pack a Better Lunch Start with an insulated Bazura bag, made by a women's co-op in the Philippines from recycled juice boxes-$19.95 at and pair it with a reusable water bottle. Then, go to the farmer's market. An apple a day will taste good, help the local economy, and cut down on the energy costs of shipping. To find a market or co-op near you, go to Keep in mind that meat production accounts for nearly one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations Climate-Change Panel. How about taking note of that fact with Meatless Mondays? Instead of ham and Swiss, slap together a PB&J.

22 Waste-Free Lunch We have a Waste-Free Wednesday program at our school. Every Wednesday we wear our green t-shirts (which we sold in order to purchase recycling bins for every room in the school). Every child and staff member is encouraged to pack a waste- free lunch. Volunteers wash the plastic lunch trays so that we don't have to use styrofoam. This year I started having the students save and collect their Capri-Sun drink pouches because through terra-cycle you can recycle them and they will give you 2 cents for every pouch

23 Plant a Tree Why plant a tree? Trees absorb carbon, which means they clean the air that you breathe. They also conserve soil and water. Plus, all produce food for local insects, birds, or mammals.

24 Results The real difference adds up when the staff goes home and the kids grow up We really want the everyone to understand that the things they do in their lifetime have a real carbon consequence Once they leave school they will then go out and educate their families and friends to make changes in their homes The multiplier effect is really huge-and that's the real benefit

25 Environmental Education Week Add to your Go Green Plan Activities Earth Hour: –Turn out your lights for one hour – Join millions of teachers and students in a week of educational preparation for Earth Day Environmental Education Week Earth Day –

26 Summarize Green Team Training ETS Support & Training Teach Technology Support Center - Go Green Training for Teachers –Digital Classrooms –Web Technology - paperless We want to follow your Green Teams and highlight your success stories on the web

27 Heres the plan, Stan!

28 5th Grade Mr. Gehalos team goes to Schick, M. Stein, Davis Mrs. Assad's team pick up 5th grade Science, Schipani, and Louvaris. Then out to Music, Spanish Mr. Piehler's team pick up Art, old teachers lounge, then out to Itinerant staff (926c), Byrd 4th Grade take your own recycling to dumpster and then head out to Kindergarten building. 3rd Grade take your own recycling to dumpster Ms. Rivera's Recyclers pick up Lewis, Robinson, Reidy, Moore Mrs. Walters' Recyclers pick up Main office (Govoni, Brideau, Holdren/J, Wheeler) Mrs. Charles' Recyclers pick up Media Ms. Weinhaus' Recyclers pick up Cassell, Hall, Hurley Mr. Striggles' Recyclers pick up Palonka, Gomez, Plastini

29 2nd Grade take your own recycling to dumpster Mr. Gehalo will attend to the new teacher lounge recycling. It isn't enough that we recycle the papers, plastics, and metals. Here in Florida, FRESH WATER is highly valued, too. Please remind students to turn off sink faucets when brushing teeth, and washing hands.

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