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TOSHIBA MFP – Much More Than a Copier Presented By: Al Sumner & Tony Osnovsky.

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1 TOSHIBA MFP – Much More Than a Copier Presented By: Al Sumner & Tony Osnovsky

2 How is your day going?

3 Agenda The True Cost of Printing What is TOSHIBA’S TOP Access? Device Page Logs Page Counter Page Administration Page Notifications Device setup and Naming Conventions Print drivers TOSHIBA MFP – Much More Than a Copier

4 Goal of this seminar- To provide an overview of Toshiba’s MFP - Copier functionality and show how you manage copiers (MFPs) allowing schools to be more cost efficient and productive while supporting SBBC Green Initiatives. Results Expected: The knowledge to understand the functionality available in the Toshiba MFP:  How you can manage the MFP device using Top Access  Increase Productivity / Efficiency / Cost Reduction  Support for the SBBC Green Initiative Its much more than a copier its an MFP

5 What are the benefits of directing desk top printing to the MFP? Save Money Support the Green Program Increase Productivity How does that happen? Cost per page is not based on fill rate Paper usage reduction by duplexing (two sided printing) “N-up” Multiple pages on one page and duplex Omit blank page printing Scan to file / e-mail Digitize your documents Save paper and filing space

6 Based on “5% fill”Unlimited “fill” PRINTER TOSHIBA MFP What is the cost per print using a desk top Ink Jet printer verses a TOSHIBA (copier) MFP?

7 The total cost….. Inkjet printers, although very inexpensive to purchase, often have an extraordinarily high cost per page for cartridge supplies. It’s not uncommon for inkjet cost per page analyses to work out to $0.08 for black ink, with very moderate page coverage, and $0.25 for color ink, again with moderate page coverage. PC SUPPORT TIPS.COM 275 schools print 250 pages per day = 68,750 X $.08 = $5,500.00 per day 275 schools print 250 pages per day = 68,750 X $.0175 = $1203.00 per day

8 Manage the MFP Remotely

9 1.Web based remote device management tool for Toshiba MFPs 2.Graphical view of the MFP configuration and settings 3.Monitor real time status of the MFP 4.Manage network print, copy, scan and fax settings 5.Create and manage address books, templates and user authentication 6.eMail alerts for administrator and or user intervention 7.Job log view and function history 8.Detailed device counter information by department and user


11 Input equipment IP address in Internet Explorer 1.Establish the IP address of an MFP device on your network 2.Launch Web browser -Internet Explorer 3.Type in the IP address of the device you want to view or gather information 4.Click “GO”

12 Paper Drawer Status Configuration Alerts Select the “DEVICE” tab

13 Viewing The Job Status Page

14 View the Job Status Page

15 Viewing the “LOGS” page

16 Your viewing the PRINT LOG View the FAX & SCAN logs

17 MFP Printing Features Normal Scheduled Private Print Proof Print eFile Networked Print Options Standard Print Driver Print Volumes – maximum number of copies/prints are monitored

18 MAC Print

19 Walk Up Faxing One Fax Device Multiple Fax Devices Individual Or Multiple eMail Addresses and or Fax machines E Filing

20 One Fax Device Multiple Fax Devices Individual Or Multiple eMail Addresses and or Fax machines CAB MAIL

21 Print to Fax

22 Common Questions What is the cost for the fax board Do I need a phone line Can you have a “NIC” card and a Fax card in the same machine

23 Status of FaxPhone Number or Name # of PagesDate and Time Sent

24 Viewing The Counter Page

25 Scans Are Free! Lets look at scanning

26 Scanning

27 Scanning Functionality Scan to eMAIL File Scan to eFILING

28 Scan Features Maximum Pages: 1,000 TWAIN Compatible: Twain Drive e-BRIDGE Remote Scan Supported Formats: TIFF-MMR, TIFF-S (Internet Fax ) PDF Slim PDF JPEG, TIFF-JPEG, PDF (Gray scale) JPEG, TIFF-JPEG, PDF (Color) XPS Templates to simplify scanning workflows can be created

29 Scanning From The MFP eMAIL Electronic File On a Computer Or Network Destination CAB FAX


31 Password Protected enter your password Log into The Admin Page

32 General Setup Information – mostly IT Related View First Level Tabs

33 View Second Level Tabs

34 Setting up Notifications

35 Choose up to 3 people for notification. Select reason for notification.

36 Imports-Address Books

37 Copier Output Management Training Standard Naming Conventions Static IP Reservations Downloading Drivers from ETS Servicedesk

38 Copier Standard Naming Convention Networked Copiers should have the same standard naming convention as servers and printers Total 15 characters including “-” Location - 4 digit code Room#/Fish# - 4 digit code TosXX = Toshiba Copier # Example: 9858-205A-Tos01 CanXX = Canon Copier # Example: 9858-205A-Can01

39 Copier IP Addresses Networked copiers should follow the same standards for reserving static IP addresses as is used for printers TLCs should login to District IP Address Database to obtain valid IP within range established for “printers” Login using SBBC Domain P# & Password Printer IP Range = 10.x.192.21 -- 10.x.193.255

40 Downloading Drivers Connect to servicedesk server

41 Copier Driver Downloads Connect to the Servicedesk server Choose your platform & click OK

42 Copier Driver Downloads Choose OSX or appropriate OS folder Open Peripherals Software Folder Choose Copier and Models from within the folders OR


44 Questions?? If you need assistance, contact the onsite rep for either Canon or Toshiba Canon - Harold - 754-321-0539 Toshiba - Tony - 754-321-0538 Or contact the ETS Help Desk 754-321-0411

45 Please Attend Future Basic and Intermediate Training

46 Important Phone Number Tony “O”Technical Support/Training 954-650-3720



49 Activity: “It’s not just a copier!” When copying sets of documents, the Toshiba copier allows you to do more than 100 sets. When printing to Toshiba copiers, you can staple and hole punch at the same time. All Toshiba copiers can scan in color. Most e-Bridge MFPs can scan to email. Receive incoming faxes and print hard copy and route to a computer. COPY PRINT SCAN FAX Agree: Disagree: The fax function on the Toshiba copier allow the following:. Fax out-bound to multiple fax devices and email addresses. Agree: Disagree: Agree: Disagree: Agree: Disagree: Agree: Disagree: Agree: Disagree:

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