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GCSE Spanish Examining Board – AQA

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1 GCSE Spanish Examining Board – AQA

2 What will I study over the next 2 years? The 2 year course is split into 4 main areas: Lifestyle Leisure Home and Environment Work and Education The following slides will tell you about these topics in more detail... You will be expected to understand & provide information & opinions about all of the topics.

3 LIFESTYLE: Health Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles & their consequences Relationships and Choices Relationships with family & friends Future plans regarding: marriage / partnership Social issues and equality

4 LEISURE: Free time and the media – Free time activities – Shopping, money, fashion & trends – Advantages & disadvantages of new technology Holidays – Plans, preferences, experiences – What to see and getting around

5 HOME AND ENVIRONMENT: Home and Local Area Special occasions celebrated in the home Home, town, neighbourhood and region, where it is and what it is like Environment Current problems facing the planet Being environmentally friendly within the home and local area

6 WORK AND EDUCATION: School / College & Future Plans – What school / college is like – Pressures and problems Current and Future Jobs – Looking for and getting a job – Advantages & disadvantages of different jobs

7 What else is there? Grammar: to be able to recognise and use appropriately... – Nouns, adjectives – Verbs – Tenses (past, present, future for Grade C or above) – Conjunctions (linking words to you and me!!) – And a few other elements with complicated names that we will come across along the way *For more information on this, look at the website*

8 What else is there? Communication strategies: as well as learning items of vocabulary, you will develop ways of understanding and producing the language even when you may not be 100% sure of what a word means! *For more information on this and vocabulary, look at the website*

9 What exams will I do? You will be assessed in the following four skills, that you will be used to practising in Key Stage 3... Listening – 20% of overall grade, exam at end of course Reading – 20% of overall grade, exam at end of course Writing – 30% of overall grade, you will submit 2 written pieces of work done in exam conditions throughout the 2 yr course Speaking – 30% of overall grade, you will complete 2 different / separate speaking tasks, carried out by your teacher throughout the 2 yr course

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