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welcome to aqa gcse French

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1 welcome to aqa gcse French

2 how the course is assessed
1) Unit 1: Listening 46551F; 46551H (20%) This takes the form of an exam paper sat at the end of the course. You can take either Foundation or Higher Tier Papers. You will need to answer questions on recorded material from different topic areas. Some material will be formal (e.g. a telephone message) and some informal (e.g. a conversation between friends) 2) Unit 2: French reading 46552F; 46552H (20%) This takes the form of an exam paper sat at the end of the course. You can take either Foundation or Higher Tier Papers. You will need to answer questions about texts on different topics, for example text messages, advertisements and s. 3) Unit 3: French speaking (30%) This is assessed by your class teacher. Your teacher will tell you when you will do your assessments. You will need to carry out the following activities which should last 4 – 6 minutes each:- - an interview - a conversation The tasks will be marked by the teacher and submitted to AQA for moderation. We will endeavour to complete more than two assessments so students take the best two marks forward. 4) Unit 4: French writing (30%) This is assessed by the examination board, AQA. You will carry out two pieces of writing in controlled conditions in a classroom which is then sent off to the examination board for marking. This could take various forms. You will have class time and homework in which to prepare for this assessment and an hour to write it in full. Students must spend no more than 60 minutes, per task, on writing the final version. This must be completed in one single assessment session with a dictionary.

3 What you will study in year 11
Half term 1 Holidays including Dictionary skills, Spontaneous speaking, Use of verb tables 4 tenses+ (I used to go), Opinions Half term 2 Holidays Writing and/ or speaking assessment Half term 3 CA catch up and listening and reading practice Half term 4 Revision Half term 5 Revision Listening and Reading Exams 12th May AM Half term 6

4 Review of year 9 and 10 french
Write a review in English in your exercise book. Copy the following headings and write your thoughts underneath them. 1. What I have learnt so far on the course 2. What my strengths are 3. What my areas for development are 4. What I need to do in year 11 5. What I need help with

5 expectations What you expect of me What I expect of you

6 exercise books 1) Work is to the best of your ability and has been given a good amount of time and effort. 2) Title and date is always written. 3) ‘Devoirs’ in the top left corner for homework. 4) Presentation is always good- these will be your revision notes in the future. 5) Folder for your sheets?

7 Le tourisme With a partner, mind map as many phrases as possible to discuss holidays and travel. You should try to use a range of tenses and structures.

8 Authentic reading vocabulary
Using the texts, find the French equivalent of the English phrases on your sheets. SUPPORT: Use a dictionary and work with a friend. CHALLENGE: Write some questions based on the texts for your classmates to answer.

9 homework Write a short text (around 100 words) describing your holidays- past, present and future. Support: Ask for the B-C grade vocabulary list to give you an idea of how to structure it. CA prep\vacances vocabulary.pdf Challenge: Ask for the ‘spice up your French’ sheet to ensure you have a wide range of complex structures and vocabulary...\..\Year 9\Home and Local Area\-CA support\spice_new.docx

10 help St James MFL Wikispace
You will find the Student booklet and a variety of other resources to help you! Please check regularly.

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