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Part II: European Exploration and Settlement

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1 Part II: European Exploration and Settlement

2 Key Vocabulary Colony- a permanent settlement established by a country in another area Missionaries- people who convert others to their religion. Presidios- walled forts set up to protect Spanish claims Trappers- people who caught animals for their fur

3 Alliance- an agreement between groups or individual to work together towards a common goal (ex. War, trade)


5 Essential Questions Who did Spain, France, England, & the Netherlands send to explore the New World? What was life like in a the Spanish, French, English, & Dutch Settlements? What type of relationship existed b/t the settlers & the Native Americans?

6 A. Spanish Borderlands 1. Spanish explorers in search of wealth claimed the largest amount of land in the New World *Ponce de Leon- was looking for the fountain of youth *Coronado-looking cities of gold, did not find them

7 2. Settlement Life in Spanish Colonies
a. Spanish set up missionaries because they believed the Native Americans could be “civilized” by changing their religion. b. Used presidios to protect their territory *St. Augustine, Florida

8 3. Impact on Native Americans
a. Spanish taught Native Am. how to use certain tools, & grow new foods b. Many Native Am. converted to Christianity c. Spanish brought diseases like small pox, flu, measles that killed many of the Native Am.

9 B. New France 1. French explorers were sent to look for a northwest water passage to the Pacific Ocean. (does not exist) a. Jacques Cartier- explored the North west coast & claimed it for France b. Samuel de Champlain- Founded 1st settlement in New France, Quebec

10 c. La Salle- Claimed Louisiana for the French
2. Settlements a. Set up fur trading posts b. Many settlers lived with the Huron Indians 3. Effect on Native Americans a. Became business partners & set up alliances with the Huron Indians


12 C. England: Jamestown, Virginia the 1st permanent English Colony
1. Sent John Cabot who claimed North America for England

13 2. Settlements a. Settlers duty was to ship back goods (fur & timber) to England b. Settlers were not prepared to live in the region & relied on the Native Am. (ex. Pocahontas) c. Starving Time- After Smith went back to England the Native Am Refused to trade. Many starved. Only 60 of 500 survived.

14 3. Effect on Native Americans
a. Native Am. traded goods b. Eventually got pushed out of their land as more colonists came

15 D. Netherlands: (Dutch) New Amsterdam
1. Dutch sent Henry Hudson who explored the Hudson River & claimed the surrounding area for the Netherlands 2. Named the Settlement New Amsterdam (now New York)

16 2. Settlement a. Dutch merchants settled in New Amsterdam & joined in the fur trade. b. Had over 8,000 people by 1660 c. Was taken over by the English who refused to acknowledge Dutch claims. d. Renamed New York

17 3. Effect on Native Am. a. Dutch saw French as enemies (did not want competition) b. Dutch formed an alliance with Iroquois (enemies of the Huron) & provided them with weapons. b. Tricked Native Am into trading Manhattan Island for $24 (pots, beads, & blankets).

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