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Present Tense of the verbs “ir ” (to go) and “jugar” (to play)

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1 Present Tense of the verbs “ir ” (to go) and “jugar” (to play)
Chapter 3 Spanish 1

2 “Ir” (to go) The –ar verbs you have learned so far are regular because their conjugations are predictable. Some verbs such as “ir” (to go) are irregular because they don’t follow a pattern. Yo Voy Nosotros Vamos Vas Vosotros Vais Él, Ella, Usted Va Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes Van

3 Jugar (to play) The verb jugar (to play) has regular –ar endings, but the vowel “u” in the stem changes to “ue” in all forms but nosotros and vosotros. Yo Juego Nosotros Jugamos Juegas Vosotros Jugáis Él, Ella, Usted Juega Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes Juegan

4 “A” The preposition “a” is used after “ir” to mean “to”. “A” is also used after jugar with a sport. When “a” is followed by “el”, the words combine to form “al”. Vamos al gimnasio.- We are going to the gym. Jugamos al básquetbol. – We are playing basketball.

5 Traduce I play basketball. Yo juego al básquetbol.
You play volleyball. We play soccer. I am going to the mall. Yo voy al centro comercial. Maria is going to the park. Maria plays soccer. Maria and Rosa play tennis. Maria and Rosa are going to the park. You are going to the mall. We are going to the movies.

6 Contestas! Juego al básquetbol. Juegas al volibol. Jugamos al fútbol.
Voy al centro comercial. María va al parque. María juega al fútbol. María y Rosa juegan al tenís. María y Rosa van al parque. Vas al centro comercial. Vamos al cine.

7 Ejercicios Pagina 100: Ejercicios 30 y 31

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