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All About Me By Bryson.

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1 All About Me By Bryson

2 Bryson E. My favorite food is pizza.
My favorite subject in school is math. Out of school I enjoy riding my bike and playing football.

3 Favorite Foods Some of my favorite foods are pizza, steak, and cheeseburgers, hot wings, potatoes, and pretty much any kind of candy you can think of. My most favorite food of all would have to be chicken because it tastes delicious. So basically my favorite foods are meat.

4 My Favorite School Subject
I enjoy doing centers and P.E. at school.I also like science because you get to do fun stuff in class My favorite subject is math because I am good at it. I also like computers.

5 I enjoy I enjoy riding my bike and playing football when I am not at school. Also, I like to play the computer and hang out with my friends. I also like to go to the lake and wakeboard, and go to Mexico and ride my quad.

6 Self Portrait I like to do lots of sports and ride my bike. I am kind of skinny and I am very active.

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