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MIRA - WP 2 Observatory of Euro-Med S&T cooperation White Paper Coord. IRD (France) CNRS (Lebanon) MIRA Mediterranean Innovation and Research coordination.

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1 MIRA - WP 2 Observatory of Euro-Med S&T cooperation White Paper Coord. IRD (France) CNRS (Lebanon) MIRA Mediterranean Innovation and Research coordination Action

2 Objectives Define a standard set of indicators on cooperation in S&T Provide actual data on S&T cooperations in the Partner countries of the MIRA project Discuss the impact measures of cooperation Longer term: to induce the production and use of indicators in non-European Mediterranean partners

3 Past initiatives Bondy Workshop on indicators – March, 2009, Bondy (France) Agreed list of indicators + White paper Various calls for inputs to be provided by MIRA partners – with no success. Survey planned as part of the ‘impact assessment’

4 Need for coordination … many initiatives actually do exist : – Innovation in Egypt & Tunisia, –Innovation observatory in Morocco, –S&T survey on-going in Jordan, –LORDI in Lebanon –RDI in Egypt –Other national initiatives …. –ESCWA Technology center Amman –UNESCO workshops –ISESCO + ALECSO

5 White paper Addresses the methodological issue Draws the background of Euro-Med Co- operation Other activities: –Survey –Lebanon creation of an observatory as pilot study for MIRA 2011 –Plan for smaller (experts) meetings

6 Achievements –Finalised “White paper” (February 2011) –Survey on the dynamics of scientific cooperation (closed March) –Statistical analysis of co-authorship –Beirut Workshop –Organization of September 21-23 Tunis Workshop

7 Some ideas guiding the White paper Collaborations / Cooperation Governance of cooperation Levels of assessment of cooperation Cairo declaration – proposed measures Innovation measures Impact assessment Cairo declaration strategic indicators Macro-indicators

8 Levels of assessment academic discipline – departments, individual authors, co-authorship Programme level (eg. agencies –such as the Framework Programme of the EU). Policy level (stakes and implementation): strategic indicators

9 Cooperation governance Co-ordination needs Priority setting Stakeholders involvement Evaluation and assessment of impacts.

10 Cairo declaration on research -1/2 1.Modernizing Science and Technology, R&D policies in the Mediterranean Partner Countries 2.Supporting Institutional Capacity Building, including human and research infrastructure development 3. Enhancing the participation of the Mediterranean Partner Countries in the Framework Programmes while taking into account their particular needs, as well as areas of mutual interest and benefit between EU and Mediterranean Partner Countries;

11 Cairo declaration on research -2/2 4.Promoting innovation in the Mediterranean Partner Countries and enhancing exploitation of the RTD outputs by society and industry; 5.Favouring mobility of researchers; 6.Enhancing participation of the Mediterranean Partner Countries in the "People" Specific Programme of FP7 The White paper proposes a list of indicators on specific measures mentionned by this Declaration

12 Cooperation assessment Strategic integration: between institutions, and between actors Scientific integration: at the level of projects, concepts, ideas, scientific objects and choices of themes Operational integration concerning careers, and organizational objectives

13 Impact measurement? Indicators can be devised at diff. levels: –national level. The country as a whole. –institutional level of the research institutions (performing institutions: universities and public research institutes –technological or scientific areas (eg. “nanotechnology” as “biotechnology”…) –programme level Impact assessment makes sense only at the programme level

14 Impact definitions Achievement of the programmes objectives Implementation of national objectives/priorities Consolidation of a research area Promotion of researchers Strengthening of training programmes and faculty advancement Strengthening of the National scientific community Consolidation - or creation - of research groups Strengthening of research performing institutions Creation of a research networks at the national level Research networks at regional/international level

15 Programme-oriented indicators Inventory of research collaborations Training (doctoral students engaged in programme) Creation of networks, participation to existing networks Mapping of publications produced by the programme Inventory of activities related to dissemination other than scientific publications Patenting and other technology related outcomes Assessment of the quantitative outputs in relation to participating country Assessment of the relative size of funding provided by the programme, relative to the funding for R&D in the participating countries. Assessments related to the relative participation of institutions

16 Roadmap for observatory 1/2 Clearing house of information on STI systems Information on measures and policies Produce a short list according to the Cairo decaration Assessment exercise on one area?

17 Roadmap for observatory 2/2 Database of projects/programmes/agreements Database of EU-Med participating institutions Surveys of beneficiaries –On participation –On more general issues Clean bibliometric indicators

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