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Celebrate with a Family Literacy Event! Dr. Rosemary Chance, Ph.D.

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1 Celebrate with a Family Literacy Event! Dr. Rosemary Chance, Ph.D.

2 Conversation  Events?  Benefits?

3 Basic Information

4 Family literacy? #1 At the heart is the improvement of reading and writing skills for children & parents in one family.

5 #2  “The home is the child’s first school, the parent is the child’s first teacher, and reading is the child’s first subject.” Barbara Bush quote

6 #3  Child-parent relationships are essential to the development of a child’s literacy ability.

7 Intimidating Relationships

8 Most affected by lack of literacy?  Three groups:  The working poor  Female heads of households  Minority groups; English language learners  Three characteristics in common:  Limited income  Low literacy competencies  Low education levels

9 Major barriers to literacy?  There are few or no books in homes  Parents don’t model reading  No easy access to transportation  Parents are uncomfortable entering schools and libraries

10 Elements of a family literacy program?  Interactive literacy activities between parents & their children  Training for parents on how to be the primary teacher for their children  Adult education & training for personal growth & economics  Age-appropriate education for children

11 Bring Families Together

12 Prime Time in Atlanta, Georgia  Meal  Transportation  Preschool story  School-age children with parents  Door prizes

13 Funding for family literacy programs?  Federal government  State initiatives  Regional & city/town literacy councils (may include public libraries)  School districts  Local businesses  Service organizations  Donations from individuals

14 Basics of a family literacy event?  A theme  A welcoming activity  One or more picture books  An activity for both parent and child & a book to read together  A snack or a meal  Something to take away

15 One Good Example

16 Recommended Themes  Books & Movies  Camping  Fun with Reading  Life on a Farm  Pirates  Polar Express  Reading under the Stars  Rhyming  The Way I Feel

17 Dogs or Pets!

18 Parent-child interaction?  Key points to consider:  The literacy goal for children  The goal for parents to understand  A time for modeling and independent practice  A plan for what you want the parents to do once they return home

19 Benefits of an event?  Demonstrates how reading can expand a family’s horizons.  Provides access to books for those with limited access.  Helps parents and children interact in literacy activities at home to improve literacy levels and academic achievement.  Brings families to libraries for literacy and learning.

20 Another Excellent Choice

21 Two Handouts  Picture Books for Family Literacy Events  Planning Guide

22 Action  What are your ideas?

23 Conversation  Results?  Q & A

24 Crash Course in Family Literacy Programs

25 Twitter: texaspageturner

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