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Public Procurement in Macedonia Achievements in 2011.

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1 Public Procurement in Macedonia Achievements in 2011

2 Priorities achieved Significant legal changes adopted containing number of major new features Increase in the use of e-auctions (50%) Continued and expanded capacity building in both public and private sector E-procurement platform strengthened

3 Legal changes: Amendments to PPL in December 2011 Introduction of publication of low-value procurement, mandatory certification, qualification systems for utilities, negative reference mechanism, self-sustainability of the e-procurement platform, novelties in concessions and PPPs

4 Publication of low-value procurement: We abolish the invitation to at least three bidders for contracts up to EUR 5,000 All procurement will be published through the e-procurement platform, regardless of value – estimated additional 10,000 notices E-auctions for low-value procurement

5 Qualification systems for utilities: Introduced according to the Utilities Directive Possible only for the utilities Open qualification list Contracts will be awarded using the second stage of restricted or negotiated procedure with publication

6 Negative reference mechanism: To be used against bidders who fail to execute the contract or who meet the criteria for collecting the bid guarantee First negative reference will ban the bidder for one year from all procurement procedures

7 Self-sustainability of the E-procurement platform: Charges introduced for the use of the e- procurement platform Contracting authorities pay for each contract notice published Economic operators pay for annual registration It will provide necessary funds to make the system sustainable and independent from budgetary allocations on long term

8 Concessions and PPPs: The State Appeals Commission is now in charge of resolving complaints in procedures for the award of concessions and PPPs The new Law on Concessions and PPPs makes reference to the PPL concerning the award procedure

9 Mandatory certification: The next and final step in our step-by-step approach in strengthening the implementing capacities of contracting authorities All contracting authorities must have person or organization unit in charge of procurement These persons must be certified, i.e. go through the training program conducted by PPB

10 Increase in the use of e-auctions Total of 3,505 contract notices finished with e-auctions in 2011 It represents around 50% of all contract notices Although the legal minimum of 70% was not achieved, the increase compared to previous years is significant


12 Increased capacity building: Closely related to the mandatory certification that will come into force in September 2012 The training program was updated in order to reflect users’ demands Five day training, two days of which dedicated to e-procurement, half a day on prevention of corruption and conflict of interest

13 Strengthening of the e-procurement platform: PPB proposed to the Government an Action Plan for introducing the full scale publication of low-value contracts Its implementation will result in significant upgrades of the platform so that it could accommodate increased usage

14 Hardware upgrade worth EUR 80,000 completed in November Software optimization completed in May 2012 Software upgrade with new modules planned by end of June The new optimized and upgraded system will be up and running from July 2012


16 e-ProcurementSystem Public Tenderer 3. Search for notices 1. Registration 8. Forwarding of Award Notices 5. Bid Preparation and submission Contracting Authority 4. Download Call Notices & Documentation 1. Registration 7. Publication of Award Notices 2. Publication of Contract Notices & Tender Documents 6. Winner announcement

17 Some data on the procurement volume in 2011: Contract notices published: 7,800 Contracts awarded:23,862 Value of all contracts: Denar 59.18 billion (around EUR 960 million) or 13% of GDP Open procedure used in 3,909 procedures

18 Thank you for your attention!

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