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Stress Management MCPS Employee Assistance Program Employee Assistance Program240-314-1040.

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1 Stress Management MCPS Employee Assistance Program Employee Assistance Program240-314-1040

2 MCPS Employee Assistance Program  Assessment, short-term counseling and referral  Problem types  Cost  Eligibility  Confidentiality  Other services: workshops, crisis response, newsletter, access point to mediation  Times/location

3 Outcomes  To identify personal stressors  To understand the physiological impact of stress on our bodies and mind  To learn and practice stress management techniques to cope more effectively with stress

4 Get relaxed!

5 Biodot Color Key More Relaxed Less Relaxed

6 What causes YOU stress?

7 What is “stress”  The original definition of stress was by Hans Selye, who coined the term as it is presently used, was, "the non- specific response of the body to any demand for change".


9 Physiological Response to Stress  Stress hormones released  Increased heart rate  Increased blood pressure  Increased rate of breathing  Blood rushes to vital organs  Digestive system shuts down  Muscles tense

10 Effects of Small Increase of Cortisol Effects of Small Increase of Cortisol  Quick burst of energy for survival  Heightened memory functions  Burst of increased immunity  Lower sensitivity to pain  Helps maintain homeostasis in the body

11 Effects of Prolonged Increase of Cortisol Levels  Impaired cognitive performance  Suppressed thyroid function  Blood sugar imbalances  Decreased bone density  Decrease in muscle tissue  Higher blood pressure  Lowered immunity  Increased belly fat > heart attack, stroke, cholesterol issues

12 How Does Stress Effect You? Stress Signals Physical Symptoms Tight neck and shoulders Pounding heart Chest pain Headaches High blood pressure Diarrhea Constipation Fatigue Emotions Depression Anger Irritability Low self esteem Apathy impatience Behavior Negativity Increase in smoking Increase in drinking Reckless driving Forgetfulness Drug use Overeating Undereating

13 What do YOU do to Combat Stress?


15 Stress Management Techniques  AAAbc’s  Relaxation –deep breathing –progressive muscle relaxation –guided imagery

16 AAAbc’s Technique  A lter the stressor: –direct communication –problem solving –time management  A void the stressor: –remove yourself from the situation  A ccept the stressor by: –building your resilience –changing your perception

17 Relaxation  Deep Breathing  Progressive Muscle Relaxation  Guided imagery

18 Make a list of stress-busters Activities that cost under $5 and take less than 5 minutes

19 Thanks for coming! For more information about the EAP, contact us at 240-314-1040 or visit our website at

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