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Introduction to Human Resource Management Module 1

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1 Introduction to Human Resource Management Module 1
Jack Welch- Winning “Elevate HR to a position of power and primacy in the organization, and make sure HR people have the special qualities to help managers build leaders and careers. In fact, the best HR types are pastors and parents in the same package.” “The head of human resources at any company should be at least as important as the CFO.”

2 HR versus Management

3 Leaders are Readers Peter Drucker The Essential Drucker (2008)
“Business management must always, in every decision and action, put economic performance first.”

4 Today In what kind of environment are we doing HR today?
HR Activities- what do HR people do? HR Management Challenges- what external and internal factors influence what HR people do? HR Roles- how do HR people do their jobs?

5 Nature of Human Resource Management
Human Resource (HR) Management The design of formal systems in an organization to ensure effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals.

6 Nature of Human Resource Management cont.
Who Is an HR Manager? In the course carrying out their duties, every operating manager is, in essence, an HR manager. HR specialists design processes and systems that operating managers help implement.


8 CWU’s HR Programmatic Approach
Business Core Courses (ACT, FIN, MGT, MKT, SCM, ECON) HR Specialization Courses HRM 381- Introduction HRM 442- Training and Development HRM 445- Staffing Organizations HRM 479- Employee Relations HRM 488- Compensation HRM 486- Capstone Course/Strategic HR

9 HR Activities Continued
Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance  Multicultural Organizations Diversity Affirmative Action Global Impacts: Resources, Markets, Employees EEOC and the OFCCP

10 HR Activities Continued
Staffing AttractionSelectionAttrition Model Job Description Job Analysis  Qualifications Recruiting, Interviewing HR Development Orientation Socialization Job Training Leadership Development Performance Management

11 HR Activities Continued
Compensation and Benefits Base Pay Merit Pay/Incentives Gainsharing Employee Ownership Management of Health and Dental Costs Cafeteria Plans Employee Rewards

12 HR Activities Continued
Health, Safety, and Security OSHA (1970)…who has the responsibility for healthy employees? Safety in the workplace Security post 9-11 EAPs Health Promotion Employee and Labor Relations Unionization Policies and Procedures Communication (Justice Theory)

13 Human Capital in Organizations
The collective value of the capabilities, knowledge, skills, life experiences, and motivation of an organizational workforce. Core Competency A unique capability that creates high value and differentiates an organization from its competition.

14 Fastest Growth in Job Changes to 2016
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

15 HR Management Competencies and Careers
Important HR Competencies Strategic contribution to organizational success Business knowledge of organization and its strategies Effective and effective delivery of HR services Familiarity with HRMS technology Personal credibility SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THE BUSINESS

16 HR Management as a Career Field
HR Generalist A person with responsibility for performing a variety of HR activities. HR Specialist A person with in-depth knowledge and expertise in a limited area of HR. HR Manager A person who is a line manager for HR Generalists and Specialists

17 HR Specialists

18 HR Certifications Professional Human Resource (PHR- 2 Years)
Senior Professional Human Resource (SPHR- 5 years) Global Professional Human Resource (GPHR-4 years with 2 international) Certified Compensation Professional (CCP), sponsored by the World at Work Association Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), sponsored by the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans Certified Benefits Professional (CBP), sponsored by the WorldatWork Association Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), co- sponsored by the American Society for Training & Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement Certified Safety Professional (CSP), sponsored by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals Occupational Health and Safety Technologist (OHST), given by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and the Board of Certified Safety Professionals Certified Professional Outsourcing, provided by New York University and the Human Resource Outsourcing Association

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