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Civil rights Grp#4.

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1 Civil rights Grp#4

2 Article III:section 4 Freedom of Speech
Scope: It is our right to speak about what a government official or done to us with legal basis Limitations of the right: It is not the right to speak against someone or spread rumors

3 Freedom of Assembly Scope:
It is our right to assemble in public places peacefully and orderly Limitations: It is not right to use violent or coerce people to join in the assembly

4 Freedom of Press Scope:
The press can express the opinion of the people true media as long as there is no violation in the laws Limitations: The press is free to publish items for the public to know as long as it does not destroy the reputation of the person

5 Article III: section 6 Liberty of Abode and the Right to Travel
Scope: The liberty of abode or the place of residence(still editing) and the right to travel Limitations: Neither shall the right to travel be impaired except in the interest of national security,public safety or public health,as maybe provided by the law

6 Article III:section 8 Right of the people to form unions or associations
Scope: The people have the right to form unins, associations or societies in accordance to the law Limitations The formation of unions,associations or societies are allowed as long as they are not against the government An example of this is

7 Thank you for listening
Sources: The Philippine constitution

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