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Home of unlimited opportunity. Turning Up the Heat: Un-Freezing Buyers.

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2 Home of unlimited opportunity. Turning Up the Heat: Un-Freezing Buyers

3 Home of unlimited opportunity. *Prep for This Weeks Session* Speakers for automated slides (slides #13-34). Test run the automated pieces of the presentation before the meeting. Edit slide #9 to list the top three things that made you stand out from others when you were a sales associate. Put blank paper, one sheet per associate, in the center of each table for the exercise on slide 9. Have copies of the Targeted Marketing Plan available for slides 50-51. *Delete this slide before presenting *

4 Home of unlimited opportunity. Todays Session Well revisit who we are as real estate agents and how we are perceived by our clients. Youll leave here today with a fresh approach to influencing buyers in this market.

5 Home of unlimited opportunity. 4 4 What We See Everyday How do these headlines make you feel? Economy: Sharpest Decline in 26 Years Markets Flat Amid Bailout Delay Economy Shed 598,000 Jobs in January

6 Home of unlimited opportunity. Dont Let the Gloom Get to You You have two choices, believe in the reports of doom and gloom… Or… Look at the market from a different perspective - and realize theres opportunity in this type of market.

7 Home of unlimited opportunity. You Have a Choice How do you perceive todays real estate market? Half full? Half empty?

8 Home of unlimited opportunity. Think About... 1.Think about the most positive person you know 2.Now think about the most negative person you know 3.Who is more successful (measure success by any standard you choose – makes most $$, is happier, etc.)?

9 Home of unlimited opportunity. Be Positive Most people connect a positive attitude with success. Often, a positive attitude can be what distinguishes you from other Associates.

10 Home of unlimited opportunity. How Do You Distinguish Yourself From Other Associates? - Available to meet the needs of others - Caring - Proactive ***(Managers: Edit this slide with the 3 characteristics that made you stand out, then delete the red text.)*** Take 2 minutes and write down 3 characteristics that make you stand out from other Associates. When I was an Associate, I stood out from others because I was:

11 Home of unlimited opportunity. Make Yourself Stand Out Look at the piece of paper you just wrote your characteristics on. These characteristics are how you want your buyers and sellers to see you!

12 Home of unlimited opportunity. Make Yourself Stand Out - You can be the bright light that breaks through the doom and gloom. - Use your unique traits to make yourself stand out to buyers and sellers.

13 Home of unlimited opportunity. Your Positive Attitude Separates You Heres how I see you: You have heart, compassion, a willingness to do whats right for your customers – and a positive attitude, while others are stuck in the negative.

14 Home of unlimited opportunity. Who am I ?. Note: Play this is slide show view. The slides will play automatically.

15 Im not a revenue unit. Im not a transaction.Im not a commission..

16 Do you know me?.

17 Do you know how I feel? Do you know what I want?Do you know where Im headed?..

18 Did you listen?.

19 I want a place where our children can learn… and play safely. A place my family can call home..

20 Can you help me?.

21 Were trying to buy our first home. Im so nervous. I need reassurance. I have a million questions. I need someone who listens..

22 My company is relocating me. Its all happening so fast. I need answers. Now. What is it like there? I need a Neighborhood Specialist..

23 Were expecting another child. What are my financing options? I need all my resources in one place. We need more space. I need someone who cares..

24 Home of unlimited opportunity. Im YOUR customer..

25 Home of unlimited opportunity. Me Help You Can ?.

26 You can Help because….

27 Hope You are.

28 Home of unlimited opportunity. Inspiration. You are

29 Home of unlimited opportunity. Trust. You are

30 Home of unlimited opportunity. Encouragement. You are

31 Home of unlimited opportunity. A Guide. You are

32 Home of unlimited opportunity. A Dream Builder. You are

33 Home of unlimited opportunity. Responsive. You are

34 Home of unlimited opportunity. The Solution. You are

35 Home of unlimited opportunity. You are.

36 Home of unlimited opportunity. Youre The Bright Light You know its okay to buy and sell now. Youre the one who can help them feel at ease.

37 Home of unlimited opportunity. Help Buyers Understand This storm will pass. Its okay to buy now.

38 Home of unlimited opportunity. Its Okay to Buy Now How long do your buyers plan on living in the house they want to buy? Reassure them that real estate is still an outstanding long term investment…its safe to buy now if they plan on staying in their home for a few years.

39 Home of unlimited opportunity. Tell me…for those of us who own a home, what were some of your reasons for buying? Benefits of Home Ownership

40 Home of unlimited opportunity. Home Ownership is an Investment But for most, its much more than that.

41 Home of unlimited opportunity. Home Ownership is… A place to live. Everyone has to live somewhere.

42 Home of unlimited opportunity. Home Ownership is… Freedom to do what you want with your home.

43 Home of unlimited opportunity. Home Ownership is… A place to start a family. People want to raise their children in a secure environment.

44 Home of unlimited opportunity. Home Ownership is… A way to belong to a community. People like the feeling of being a part of something.

45 Home of unlimited opportunity. Once Theyre At Ease… Once youve gotten them to feel comfortable that its safe to buy now, its time to put your sales skills to work. Lets start with a question…

46 Home of unlimited opportunity. Opportunity Lost Think about an opportunity in life you passed up that you regret to this day. Was it an opportunity to purchase stock? Was it a relationship? Was it a chance to travel somewhere? Do you look back and regret what you missed out on?

47 Home of unlimited opportunity. Buyers Shouldnt Miss Out On This Chance Help them see the opportunity in this market. Tell me some ways you can help buyers recognize this opportunity.

48 Home of unlimited opportunity. Ways to Help Buyers See the Opportunity 1.Show them an unbelievable deal they just missed out on 2.Use the V Tool to show the buying zone 3.Use your targeted marketing plan to show lower-range buyers their unique opportunities

49 Home of unlimited opportunity. Show Buyers What They Missed Out On Print MLS sheets showing recently sold homes that were great deals. These are their missed opportunities!

50 Home of unlimited opportunity. The V Tool PricesRates Has anyone used this tool yet with buyers? How did your buyers react?

51 Home of unlimited opportunity. Use the Targeted Marketing Plan Marketing Plan ActionsResources Gather MLS sheets for the highest-value, lower end price range properties in your market area. This list will be used over and over again in the actions below.Your MLS Target Past Customers with Adult Children Who Could Be A First-Time Buyer 1.Review your list of past customers and sphere of influence. According to NAR, 55% of first-time home buyers find their agent through a referral. 2.Look for those who have children who could be ready to buy (i.e., just out of college and in their first job) – especially if they could get a great deal. 3.Call up these customers and catch up – re-establish rapport, ask about their children and transition to: I cant tell you how many people Ive spoken to lately that wished they were buying today, and that led me to thinking about your oldest son Bobby. Wouldnt you love to see him in his first home? Lets get together to look at the great values out there so you can see for yourself how affordable it is for first-time buyers. I would love to have gotten a deal like this when I was buying my first home. 1.Use the highest value, lower price range list to share opportunities. Invite them in for a private consultation with your Gold Services Manager to discuss buying potential and financing options. Pure Gold List. Request at:,, Weichert Toolkit, Associate Calling Guide Your Gold Services Manager Target Renters: Strategy #1 1.Identify rental buildings/communities in your primary market area. 2.Create property packages targeted to this group of potential buyers: a.Select three high-value, lower price range properties and print out color property highlight sheets on each. You may also want to take advantage of low cost options for marketing to renters through b.Print out the two flyers on Myth vs. Reality and Take the Plunge. Put them on top of the property highlight sheets. c.Write a personal note and invitation to discuss these opportunities and more. Put your note on top. d.Attach your business card to your note. 3.Deliver these personally to people living in the rental communities to share with them the opportunities in the market area. Marketing Resource Center Direct or home page, two flyers are at the top of the page Own a Home for What You Pay in Rent door hangers, (use where allowable) from Quantum Target Renters: Strategy #2 1.Access 2.Send a mailing out to renters (they have renter lists). The Neighborhood Activity Business Reply Card and the Real Estate Update Card are two good choices. 3.Request the contact list. All phone numbers have been checked against the Do Not Call register (Quantum scrubs the list for you). 4.Make a warm call to the renters to ask them if they received your card... ask about their plans for moving any time in the future. Offer your assistance. Its a great time to meet so you can show them even more opportunities in the area.,, Weichert Toolkit, Associate Calling Guide Has anyone tried any of these actions? Tell me how it worked for you.

52 Home of unlimited opportunity. Marketing Plan ActionsResources If youre a Weichert Lead Network Specialist: Reignite the Inactive Lead 1.Access your WLN Portal and click on your Inactive Leads tab. 2.Review the properties the leads originally called in on and compare those homes features with the features of your highest value, lower price range properties. Match their needs with the tremendous opportunities that exist today. 3.Call the leads. Offer to review some homes youve found that may be of interest. When can we meet? 4.If youre a Rental Specialist, be sure to do the same for your renters as well and explain the opportunity for buying in todays market. WLN Portal ( WLN Coordinator or Manager Invite EVERYONE you meet as your Guest to an upcoming Home Buyers Seminar 1.Print out a stack of invitations to your next Home Buyers Seminar and staple your business card to each invitation. 2.Hand a Home Buyers Seminar flyer/invitation to EVERY guest that attends your open houses. Since those attending open houses are active buyers, they are the ones who will most likely see a value for coming to a home buyers seminar. They want to know whats happening and how to get real value in todays market. 3.At the dry cleaners, grocery store, hair cutters, pharmacy, dentist, etc. – hand out a Home Buyers Seminar invitation with your business card on it. Let them know to register to learn more about the market and the opportunities. Tell them you have private consultation time available right after the seminar so you can meet one-on-one. 4.Call your past open house guests who visited lower price range properties. Share with them the properties currently available that fit what they were looking for in the past (using your highest value, lower price range list). Invite them to the next seminar to learn more about the current market. Ask your manager about the schedule and flyers available for upcoming Home Buyer Seminars. Your GSM and manager are working together to hold these seminars throughout the year. Has anyone tried any of these actions? Tell me how it worked for you. Use the Targeted Marketing Plan

53 Home of unlimited opportunity. Ways to Help Buyers See the Opportunity Can you think of any other ways to help buyers see the opportunity in this market?

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