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Value Select TermSM.

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1 Value Select TermSM

2 “At last - a term life insurance product worth selling ”
Value Select Product Positioning “At last - a term life insurance product worth selling ” Agents Value Select allows the agent to earn better than average income with the addition of unique customer focused rider benefits. Value Select several underwriting health categories rewarding a client’s health status. Consumers Value Select term provides affordable high face value term insurance for families and businesses. Value Select term provides benefits when your client needs them and return of premium if they don’t.

3 Value Select Term Competitive rates – fully guaranteed for the entire term Return of Premium and Disability Income Riders High 1st year commissions Renewal commissions- up to 10 years Short form application Age nearest birthday Four preferred classes Excellent smoker rates No blood through $250k age 50 Non-Commissionable policy fee

4 Value Select Policy Design
15, 20, or 30-year term $250,000 minimum face amount Rates guaranteed for full term Four preferred categories Convertible on or before tenth policy anniversary to UL Issue ages (age last birthday) Fully Guaranteed 15-year plan 20-year plan 30-year plan Non-Tobacco Tobacco

5 Value Select Policy Design cont.
$60 policy fee, non-commissionable, no additional policy fee for up to three insureds Two Premium Bands $250,000 - $499,999 $500,000 and up Tremendous selection of riders Money back return of premium rider Other insured rider (up to 3 per policy with only one policy fee) Disability protection rider Waiver of Premium Accelerated Death Benefit

6 Value Select Simple Underwriting
Short simple application for quicker turnaround time No Blood through age 50 & 250K Easier for your client Four underwriting bands – Super Preferred ($500K Min Face), Preferred Plus, Preferred and Standard

7 Value Select - Get Paid Faster
Less than 30 days turnaround on fully underwritten applications Easy to manage pending reports - SalesLink Weekly EFT available And Let’s talk commissions… High First Year Rate AND Renewals up to 10 Years

8 Value Select Riders Disability Protection Rider
Maximum monthly benefit is the lesser of: $3,000 monthly or 66 2/3% of monthly pay Total disability is defined as inability to substantially perform in the usual and customary way the essential duties of “any occupation” for which the insured may qualify by reason of education, training or experience Must be added at issue only 90 day wait 2 year benefit

9 Other Insured Rider Using this rider - up to 4 people can be insured under the same policy. Ideal for business - allows policyowner to add or drop insureds as needed. The death of one insured does not affect coverage for the others. Face amounts may vary by individual. Available for all term periods.

10 Children’s Level Term Life Rider
One premium is charged for all covered children Issue ages: 15 days through 18 years of age; age last birthday Minimum/ maximum: $5,000/ $10,000; available in increments of $1,000 If primary insured dies while this rider is in effect; each child will receive a paid- up term life policy to age 25. Convertible to age 25.

11 Accelerated Benefit Rider
If client is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they can receive up to 50% of the policy death benefit, up to a maximum of $250,000 Must be elected at policy issue. No Premium charge. One time administrative fee of $350 at time of claim.

12 Value Select Riders Money Back Rider Concept: Coverage for your client if they need it…return of premium if they don’t! Available at issue only Typically increases the premium by 30% on the 30- year term, by 90% on the 20-year term, and by 144% in the 15- year term IS IT A GOOD DEAL FOR YOUR CLIENT?

13 Value Select Riders Money Back Rider Let’s assume the following:
Male / Age 45 / Pref. Non-tobacco / $500,000 Value Select Term $500,000 w/o Return of Premium = $ Value Select Term $500,000 w/ Return of Premium = $ Increased cost to provide guaranteed Return of Premium = $570.00 Additional $ generates a guaranteed refund of premium of $78,150 at the end of 30 years. The net result...

14 Net after-tax guaranteed equivalent over 30 years
Value Select Riders Money Back Rider 8.59% Net after-tax guaranteed equivalent over 30 years

15 Value Select Riders Money Back Rider
Full money back is paid if the policy is kept in force to the end of the term period No money back is paid for lapses in the first 5 policy years Partial money back is available for lapses after 5 policy years, in the following percentages of premiums paid:

16 Value Select Benefits What is better than a fully guaranteed 30 year term life insurance product?

17 Value Select Benefits A 30 year term life insurance product from F&G Life with a return of premium rider!

18 Summary and Conclusions
F&G Life has designed Value Select to aggressively compete in the “neglected” brokerage term market Value Select exemplifies F&G Life’s commitment to niche market opportunities Value Select delivers distinct benefits to your clients Agents now have a product that they can afford to sell with less hassle for you & your customer

19 Saver’s Select…..Simply
“Benefits for your clients if they need them…return of premium if they don’t”

20 Value Select Marketing Materials

21 Value Select Administrative Forms

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