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Technical Clinic with David Overton

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1 Technical Clinic with David Overton

2 Agenda 3 Questions Windows Mobile problems ISA Server 2004 and branch office Group Policy Usage N.B. Send your Q&A questions via the keyboard during the presentation and I will answer at the end Close

3 Question 1 Scott Situation Windows XP Pro SP2 PC with SBS2003 w/SP1 & Exchange SP2 Syncing over the air with Exchange is working fine but when the device is connected to the PC via USB I get error 8501008: The Proxy Server you have specified is incompatible with your device. Specify the correct proxy server in your connection configuration. Support code: 8501008 Note A solution to this would be great. But what Im really after is a general understanding of whats going on when a Mobile 5.0 device is connected by the USB cable.

4 Diagnosis tool We need to make sure ActiveSync is up to date and that general connectivity is provided (i.e. can I browse the web) ctivesync/default.mspx ctivesync/default.mspx

5 When a device is connected

6 Clean up ActiveSync and Phone

7 Connect the device




11 Fails to connect as needs proxy information

12 Check the settings on the client



15 Question 2(a) Angus I would like to see info on exactly what we need to get push email to work? Also some real world data on how much bandwidth this will take.

16 What is Needed Windows Mobile V5.0 device Messaging and Security Feature Pack ActiveSync V4.1 Exchange 2003 w/SP2 SSL Certificate that matches the roots accepted on the device Data contract with your mobile provider Configuration changes to the SBS Server

17 Windows Mobile 5.0 and Exchange 2003 SP2 change/2003/sp2mobility.mspx change/2003/sp2mobility.mspx Direct Push technology Wireless support for contact information Remotely enforced security policy Local device wipe

18 Steps to make it work Step 1 - Installing ActiveSync® 4.1 Step 2 - Enabling mobile services for users Step 3 - Configuring the firewall and Web services Step 4 - Deploying an SSL certificate Step 5 - Configuring Windows SBS 2003 for MSFP Step 6 - Configuring device synchronization Step 7 - Testing the deployment

19 Ensure users and Firewall are configured

20 Configure Exchange and ActiveSync 1.Ensure Exchange Server 2003 SP2 is installed 2.Open Exchange System Manager. 3.Expand Global Settings. 4.Right-click Mobile Services and click Properties. 5.Verify that the Enable Direct Push over HTTP(s) check box is selected.

21 Question 2(b) ISA2004 SP2 has problems - elaborate on them. ISA2004 VPN site to site with SBS2003PE dual NIC to Win2K3 single NIC branch office member server, any tested appliances etc?

22 Request Smuggling Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The HTTP request includes a non-supported header. Contact your ISA Server administrator. (12156) Sending response headers that include both Content-length: and transfer-encoding: chunked RFC-2616 defines those two headers for the purpose of providing quantitative content validation for the receiver and states *very clearly* that the server MUST NOT combine them in the same response. Some sites are either failing outright or rendering poorly because ISA rejects those responses as RFC-2616 clearly states don't combine those headers and doing so is a demonstrably malicious act. As it turns out, there are quite a few legitimate sites out there that violate this part of RFC-2616 and so we have had to rethink our answer to this problem. If this is hitting you, call PSS and request a patch against KB915045

23 Authentication behaviour changes Error message when you try to connect to a Web site that is published by using ISA Server 2004 Service Pack 2: "403" or "500" With authentication methods enabled: Basic, RADIUS, Outlook Web Access Forms-Based Web listener is configured to listen for HTTP traffic The Require all users to authenticate check box is selected for the Web listener You connect to the published Web site by using HTTP ISA Server 2004 SP2 does not enable traffic on the external HTTP port if the Web listener is configured to request one of the above kinds of credentials

24 ISA appliances Tested ISA to ISA, yes ault.mspx ault.mspx Key learning's Check security at every level – be paranoid Ensure all certificates are trusted (try browsing to the other sites

25 Question 2(c) Since the DFS-R enhancements will not be in SBS2003 R2, what is the best way to set up a branch office and sync email, files/folder and DC information? Also, can you share any real world bandwidth and tips/tricks?

26 Site to site scenarios Running Multiple Servers in a SBS environment

27 Consider a Domain controller E-Mail – use Outlook Files, Use Sharepoint or DFS* Authorisation, make it a DC Local Backup – almost certainly

28 Question 3 Is it possible to stop My Documents replication for just one user? The tool in SBS impacts all users

29 GPO Information Group Policy Objects (GPO) are inherited from the Organisational Units (OU) above by default You can create OUs to have different policies, so by moving accounts around, you change the policies that impact that user This has been discussed on the forums -

30 Demo of GPO changes

31 Close Please continue to sign up for these and post questions Please continue the feedback, either on so it is public, or via e- mail to me ( If you are not an SBSC member, join at Thank-you for listening


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