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From the internet, you can log ino your WPS web-administration.

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1 From the internet, you can log ino your WPS web-administration

2 Administration main menu. Demonstrate menu structure

3 Choice of language Change pass-words Create new users and give them different access rights

4 Easy management of Modules

5 Create and change Site Tree

6 Access to on-line help texts

7 Site Tree Manage your web-structure View Menu View Articles

8 Create a New Menu point BMW530 and save.

9 Move BMW530 further down in structure.

10 Want to make the article. Press new article and following text editor appears.

11 Type text – or copy from Word/other document or a website Choose when to publish and press create.

12 .... And return to my Site Tree. And the article is now published ! ! !.

13 .... Go to the website and view the new menu point BMW530 and press BMW530...

14 .... And you can see the article BMW530 live on the site

15 Upload of pictures to be placed on the website where you want.

16 Can use hyperlinks from other websites

17 Insert the hyperlink

18 .. And the article

19 Useradministration add new users change rights


21 Create a new user password level of rights Login -expiration


23 News Random when and where

24 Copy Paste Write

25 Manage banners sell banner time Advertise


27 FTP folder Access

28 Newsletter Create Manage Various categories

29 Tip of the day


31 Members area Supplier section Customer Members Other

32 Polling




36 Picture archive


38 On-line help fucntion









47 WPS ® is: Userfriendly regardless of language Easy to maintain websites and portals Scalable and unlimited number of pages Future proff Effective and Dynamic Perfect platform for on-line marketing Offer integrated E-shop Established in: Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Poland, France, UK, Spain, Italy, UAE, USA....

48 WPS® Content Management System WPS ® hosting: Europes most secure hosting Hosting partner – EuroTrust Secure Hosting Protected against virus- and hacker attacks Protected against power failures and water damage Hotline 24/7/365

49 WPS® Content Management System WPS ® is the best Value for Money product on the market: Stable and Secure A Finished product Short terms Easy to manage costs Thoroughly tried and tested Quick delivery and implementation


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