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Uh Oh, Whered the Water Go? By: Kyle P, Steven D, William P, Samuel H.

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1 Uh Oh, Whered the Water Go? By: Kyle P, Steven D, William P, Samuel H

2 The Hideout Gillie and Willie live in The Hideout, The Hideout is located in a secret lair. The Hideout is located in West Philly and they drive an invisible tank. Willie and Gillie are both creatures of the deep sea and without water, Gillie and Willie will surely die.

3 The Evil Volcano Dr. Flamer Beautiful thinks of his evil plans in the evil volcano. He drives a Hippie van and he can only live in extreme heat. Whenever Dr. Flamer Beautiful gets angry or his plan fails, the volcano he lives in will erupt.

4 Dr. Beautiful cannot take failure one more time, so he makes his beautiful plan to get rid of the water cycle by taking all of the water out of West Philly. If he can complete his plan the world is doomed. If he completes this plan it will destroy Gillie and Willie. The Plan

5 The Stuff One day, while Gillie and Willie were hanging out in their hideout, their alert radar started to ring. The head chief, from the headquarters, called Gillie and Willie and told them that there was a disturbance in West Philly. Their arch enemy, Dr. Flamer Beautiful had came up with a earth destroying plan and Gillie and Willie had to stop him.

6 The Plan Dr. Flamer Beautifuls plan is to stop the water cycle. Beautiful is going to get rid of all the bodies of water so that the water cannot evaporate, being unable to evaporate, the clouds cannot condensate and precipitate. Without precipitation, there cannot be any ground water, without ground water, there cannot be any plants for the animals to eat. If animals starve to death, people cannot eat and the world will die.

7 Gillie and Willie were chilling in their hideout, then, the alarm went off, they ran to the giant screen in the cave and the head chief came on the screen, he had informed them that Dr. Beautiful was currently in West Philly and was currently taking all the water out of the oceans and was going to take the water out of the whole world. Gillie and Willie knew that everyone, including them will die if Dr. Beautiful succeeds.

8 Gillie and Willie used the secret escape to get into the West Philly sewer, they swam as fast as they could and. Dr. Beautiful not only was heating out all the water, but he was starting to burn the whole world, the fire was rapidly spreading, Gillie and Willie knew if they didnt move quickly, the world would be on fire and out of water.


10 Dr. Beautiful had been in his volcano for the whole time! Willie and Gillie had been heading to the ocean for the whole time, they then took their other secret path way that lead them all the way to the head of the volcano. They could hear Dr. Beautiful mumbling that when he took over the world he would rule it and create rock magmas and destroy the survivors slow and torturous.

11 Dr. Beautiful began to erupt every volcano in the world, without water and having the world on fire, Dr. Beautiful would surely destroy the whole world. The time sequence had been off. 10, 9, 8, 7… Gillie and Willie were scared and was ashamed that they let down the world. With a final attempt they gathered a massive amount of water and tried to flood the volcano. Unaware of the amount of water they had collected Dr. Beautiful had his plan stopped by Gillie and Willie.

12 Gillie and Willie were surely happy, but they had to finish the job. Gillie and Willie both turned to killer sharks and ate Dr. Beautiful. The whole world had been saved and the fire had been lit out, the water that Dr. Beautiful had tried to take was brought back. The world had been saved but this magnificent day is now a holiday to West Philly. On 4-20-63 Gillie and Willie saved West Philly.

13 Glossary Precipitation- Water moves from the atmosphere to the land and oceans as rain, snow, sleet and hail Condensation- when water evaporates and then condenses to turn into clouds Evaporation- when water is heated up and turns into water vapor to condense

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