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Different Qualifications & Pathways to Higher Education.

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1 Different Qualifications & Pathways to Higher Education

2 There are loads of different ways to learn Learning from books.. Trying something practical.. ‘Hands on’ learning.. Exams.. Coursework.. Projects..

3 There are loads of different qualifications to study A Levels BTECs Apprenticeships Diplomas What’s the difference!!

4 What is progression in Education Progression through education in education starts at entry level and the highest level you can take is level 8 There are different routes to take through these levels Learners can change their learning type at any time.

5 Progression Routes Academic progression Vocational progression Work based progression

6 Year 11 Your current Progression could be GCSE or BTEC, or Apprenticeship All of these choices can lead to further education This is Level 2

7 So what Next? College- Level 3 A-Levels –You study your preferred subjects in more detail. BTEC National – Specific for a particular job or industry e.g. Hairdressing, Health & Social Care, Childcare, Construction, Engineering NVQ – You study and work at the same time Diploma –In some schools there is the new Diploma which helps you develop skills for the work place.

8 So What Next? Work- with training NVQ –Some jobs offer training and help you work towards an NVQ Apprenticeship –Training programmes which lead to a qualification. They give you the opportunity to work, learn on the job, develop your work related knowledge and skills and earn money at the same time

9 And then?-Level 4+ Foundation Degrees HNC/HND Diploma in HE Honours Degree Degree in job related subject NVQ Level 6-8 Professional Qualifications


11 Activity Imagine that you are working for an advertising company. You have been given the task of creating a promotional poster explaining one of the different options available at higher education Use the handout that you will be given to help you

12 Your Progression Route! You now- Year 11 GCSE’s How have you done? What are you going to do next? You in 2 years time - Year 13 (second year) College/ Work What have you studied? What are you doing? You in 4 years time- University/ Work/ Gap Year What are you studying? Where are you working? What are you doing? You in 10 years time- Work /University/ Family Life

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