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What Do The Following Four Items Have in Common?

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2 What Do The Following Four Items Have in Common?





7 Edgar Allan Poe The Original Godfather of Mystery, Horror and Suspense

8 Biography Born in 1809 Died of mysterious causes in 1849 Widely regarded as one of America’s finest and most controversial authors Wrote dozens of short stories and poems, as well as one full-length novel Considered the originator of the modern crime novel and the horror/shock genre

9 Early Life Born in Boston, MA Parents were traveling actors/performers Lost both parents at an early age Was raised by the Allan family in Richmond, VA “Foster parents”, the Allans, inherited a sum of money, and lived in relative wealth

10 College Life Poe attended the University of Virginia Was a mediocre student Became a compulive gambler and incrued a huge debt Left college after a year Moved to Boston to become a newspaper writer, joined the military

11 Young Adulthood Poe re-enlisted in a military academy Was court-martialed from West Point Academy in 1831. He moved to New York and Philadelphia to pursue newspaper and magazine writing. Was fired for repeatedly showing up drunk.

12 … Life is Strange Poe moved to Baltimore Lived with his aunt, Maria Clemm Married his cousin, Virginia Clemm (13) Poe embarked upon a serious attempt at creative writing Poe’s wife became sick with tuberculosis, and died three years later

13 The Downward Spiral… After his wife’s death, Poe’s drinking increased and his behavior soured His writing became increasingly morbid, evil, and mysterious “The Raven”, Poe’s most successful poem, earned Poe just $9 Rumors of drug abuse and mental illness plagued his career

14 More problems Poe’s gambling debts returned His health deteriorated, and his strange style of writing became a target of ridicule by other American authors. In 1849, Poe was found unconscious in an alleyway He died just three days later

15 Literary Highlights After his death, Poe became known as the inventor of the crime/detective mystery, the horror story, and of gothic fiction Poe’s short stories are some of the most popular literary works among American teenagers. A few of his stories have been turned into motion picture horror movies, including “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”

16 Poe’s Most Famous Works “ The Masque of the Red Death” “The Tell-Tale Heart” “The Pit and the Pendulum” “The Raven” “The Black Cat”

17 “The Tell-Tale Heart” A harrowing tale of a man driven to the murder of his beloved friend and roommate…

18 “The Pit and the Pendulum” The tale of a prisoner trapped in a dungeon, who must endure unspeakable torture…

19 “The Raven” The tale of a man tormented by a sadistic and possessed bird…

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