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Application Letters.

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1 Application Letters

2 Application letter Some features include:
a. Address, date and salutation Address your letter to a specific person, ideally to the person who will interview you. Kevin Lim Human Resources Director GTL Holdings 15-8 Menara Global Jalan Tandang 52100 Kuala Lumpur

3 Application letter Salutation
Look for the person’s name in company publications, or phone the organization and ask for the person’s name or for the personnel manager Example: Dear Mr Lim

4 Application letter Some features include: b. Opening paragraph
- mention where you learned of the opening - state why are you writing and why you want to work in that job position and for that particular organization - attract attention and create the desire to read further

5 Application letter Example: I am interested to apply for the position of ______________ as advertised in The Star on 16 February I believe that I have the qualifications and experience that you are looking for.

6 Application letter c. Middle paragraph(s)
Provide information about yourself, skills and knowledge; mention achievements Example: I am currently enrolled in the final year of the business administration course at University of Malaya and I will graduate in August I am very interested to pursue a career in the field of business administration. I have completed a wide range of subjects that provide me with a firm base of knowledge and skills relevant to the requirements of the _______________ position.

7 Application letter Middle paragraph(s)
Convince the employer that you have the personal qualities and motivation to succeed. Relate your interests and qualities to your knowledge of the company. Example: I believe that my knowledge and skills will help me contribute a great deal to your company. Above all, I possess the interest and determination to perform well in the position you are offering.

8 Application letter correspondence.
d. Ending paragraph(s) Urge the reader to continue the correspondence. Bring attention to the enclosed resume. Request an interview.

9 Application letter Example: I have attached my resume for your kind consideration. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the position further. I can be contacted at ___________ or through e- mail: ______________.

10 Application letter e. Closing Acceptable closings: Yours sincerely

11 Using Active Language- Do’s
Use present tense to discuss current activities and past tense for previous job duties or accomplishments.

12 Using Active Language- Do’s
Don’t be vague in your descriptions. Vague: I worked as a ramp agent at Comair. Don’t use weak verbs such as endeavored, tried, hoped, and attempted. Weak: I attempted to attract customers. Don’t use sexist language such as chairman and manpower.

13 Curriculum vitae (CV) A resume is a summary of your academic qualifications and job experience. Your resume should select and highlight your background and achievements in such a way that it will generate job interviews. A resume must be perfect (Why?)

14 Curriculum vitae (CV) 1. Layout
Quality of paper: white or light coloured Use short paragraphs Category titles on the left and relevant information on the right. Not more than two pages.

15 Curriculum vitae (CV) 2. Font selection
Use plain, easy to read font face and size. Key headings in all capital letters or title case. Use italics, underscoring, and bullets to improve the look of your resume.

16 Chronological CV In a chronological resume you have to list your job experience in date order, starting with the most recent first. Use this style if you have shown improvement in education, skills and work experience

17 Reference Resume References have to be able to answer questions on the following subjects : Professional Conduct / Personal Character Academic Qualifications Work Experience Job titles Responsibilities Employment Dates

18 Reference Ask permission before you use references.
Verify with them what they think about you. Ask your previous employer if your job performance was such that he would rehire you.

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